So former Melbourne Victory forward Caitlin Friend has created a program to enhance and challenge young female footballers called Elite Female Football.

"I believe too many young girls don’t have a good pathway and the opportunity to really push themselves," she said.

"I believe that if I can provide that platform, it will only benefit young female footballers in the years to come," Friend said.

She has recently attained her AFC/FFA B-License decided help create a pathway for young girls to show them what a professional environment is like.

"There are endless amounts of opportunities in women’s football and it is my goal to help young players fulfil their dreams," Freind said.

"Too many players lose focus and drive because they are not given the respect they deserve.

"If you put effort, time and belief in players they are more likely to drive to reach their potentials," she said.

The first Elite Female Football clinic is set to get underway in early July with Friend having current Bulleen Lions teammate and U16's coach Kayla Morrison along with former Melbourne Victory and Australian youth teammates Ashley Brown and Brianna Davey on board as clinic assistants.

With the first clinic just around the corner, Friend is already looking forward to her ultimate goal of creating an elite training academy which allows players to constantly train in a high-quality environment. 

She also wants to provide clinics both nationally and internationally, while also providing one on one training sessions tailored to individuals. 

Find out more about Elite Female Football here.