When asked to sum up the game Caitlin Foord used the word on most fans lips- crazy but that intensity was what made the win that much sweeter.

“It was pretty intense it was a fast-paced game so still on a high obviously to get that win it meant a lot to us and [we’re] just super happy,” she said.

It’s not just the three points that left Foord feeling great but the three goals that got them there.

“I’d say it was pretty crazy to finally get goals and to have the feeling that we were going to win, we never lost that and that feeling is obviously amazing, to score goals and to win," she said.

"To come back from two nil it makes it even more special.”

The Matildas goals were part of a well-executed game plan that drew on knowledge from the teams previous encounters.

“We’ve played Brazil many times before and you know that’s how we’ve scored a lot of our goals against them, it’s turning them around and getting balls in behind, we knew that that was somewhere we could affect the game today so we just wanted to make as effective runs as we could,” Foord said.

What made these goals all the more special is that they came after the team were on the brink of heartbreak, with Brazil doubling their lead against the run of play.

However, the on field feeling didn’t reflect this scoreline.


WWC Gallery: Matildas v Brazil

What a comeback! What a win! What a feeling! Rachel Bach (@RachelBBach) was behind the camera for this World Cup match between the Matildas and Brazil.

“Obviously it was annoying you know, but we didn’t stop believing in our style of football and we felt like we were on top and had the majority of the chances and procession so we knew we just had to keep playing our style and it was going to come,” Foord said.

“We felt like we had momentum and we were creating chances, we just had to wait for our time and be patient and that’s what we did and obviously that paid off.”

The Matildas will be taking this momentum into their final group stage game against Jamaica on June 18.

“That winning feeling was obviously nice and we want to have that again. We have to switch focus to Jamaica but I think for today we will enjoy this win.”