After months of waiting and just 18 days out from the opening game, tickets for the World Cup were available for fans attending to download. 

While allocating tickets seems like a basic stadium event organisation, officials found themselves in a storm this morning. When fans who could get onto the overloaded website went to download their tickets, they discovered their seats weren't together. 

"Purchased three tickets to semi and final and the seats are not together. This is ridiculous," one Twitter user said.

"Any reason as to why tickets that were brought together are not sat together?," another said.

FIFA later addressed the issue at 2:58am AEST:

"However, an exception could be made for parents whose seats are not next to the seats of their underage children (18 years old and younger). For more info, do not hesitate to contact the ticketing customer service team on +33 (0) 9 70 25 55 55 or by email at:"

The statement raised concerns over the basic organisation of the World Cup by FIFA and the French officials. 

A fan who went to the World Cup in Russia last year said they hadn't experienced this problem.

Some fans have counted themselves lucky by getting seats next to each other but this seems to be the exception and not the norm. 

Fans who have tickets to the semi-final and final have been affected according to FIFA.

"The previous tweets regarding FIFA Women’s World Cup tickets allocation were published without a full understanding of the situation and we apologise for that. The issues were faced by less than 1% of fans requesting tickets for the semi-finals and the final," they wrote on Twitter.

However, fans have also been experiencing issues with tickets for the opening match on June 7 in Paris between hosts France and Korea Republic while others have also experienced issues with games in Rennes.