Tim Cahill and Mark Schwarzer have been handed roles to promote the tournament instead of female Australian trailblazers for the biggest women's sporting event in the world.

The move is particularly galling for Julie Murray and Cheryl Salisbury, who between them captained Australia at four World Cups.

Murray was honoured by the world governing body as one of 17 inaugural FIFA Ambassadors for the women's game, alongside living legends such as Mia Hamm of the USA and Sissi of Brazil.

But the pair have been overlooked for Schwarzer and Cahill, named as two of 23 members of the 'Legends Squad' to promote the tournament.

Privately, many ex-Matildas are seething that their efforts would be overlooked; though wishing no ill will towards Schwarzer and Cahill.

A FFA spokesperson distanced the organisation from the call, saying it was "nothing to do with us".

The promotion sees 23 former players with global reputations - 13 women and 10 men - transformed into cartoon characters.

Schwarzer is 'The Schwarzinator'; blessed with 'lightning-quick reflexes that have been keeping attackers at bay for decades'.

Cahill is 'K.O.'; ready to 'apply that final knockout punch'.

Schwarzer will be in France for the tournament in a commentating role; it remains to be seen how Cahill will use his super stardom to promote the tournament.

Among hundreds of Instagram and Twitter posts this year, Cahill has only mentioned the Women's World Cup twice.

Once was on his announcement as a Legend back in February, the other was earlier this month in a video for the promotion where he paid tribute to his mother.

FIFA are yet to respond to the request for comment.

In other news, four Australian artists have penned a song for the Matildas World Cup campaign.

The Nike-baked track 'Everything We Ever Dreamed Of' is a collaboration between Ninajirachi, KLP, Kota Banks and Nina Las Vegas.

Defender Ellie Carpenter said the team had adopted the song, which was released on Thursday.

"It's a super talented group of artists, and we are happy to have this collective represent the Matildas' vibe with an epic anthem made just for us," she said.