Tier 1 Matildas earn at least $83,000 per year from FFA, Tier 2 get $56,000 and Tier 3 receive $40,000. This is their fixed salary without factoring in bonuses.
There are 11 Matildas on the top tier, which means the total cost to the FFA was at least $1.3 million for the previous contract. 
The Matildas have not played since 11 March when they beat Vietnam to qualify for the Olympics. However, while many other footballers have faced stand-downs, FFA ensured the Matildas were still paid their full salary from April to July 2020 - one third of their total contract - despite the lack of games or training camps due to COVID19.
Given uncertainty at club level and the lack of secure financial footing, these payments were likely essential for the majority of Matildas players.
While the full payments for the previous contract were upheld, the Matildas still remain far from untouched by the COVID crisis. It's understood the Matildas have agreed to a 30% pay cut for the current 12 month contract which commenced on 1 August 2020. 
However, this still keeps the Matildas faring better than many other footballers both domestically and worldwide and it's expected that 21 players will be contracted in the current deal.
While the Socceroos get paid for appearances and attending training camps, combined with bonuses depending on prize money and other commercial arrangements, the PFA negotiated that Matildas players receive a fixed salary plus bonuses similar to the Socceroos. This was part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) entered into by the PFA with the FFA late last year.
The majority of the contracted players are now in Europe or America receiving a salary on top of their Matildas contracts. 
The commitment by FFA is understood to be a reward for the performances of the players as well as their public conduct which has seen the Matildas voted as the most loved sporting team in Australia.