After easing past Adelaide by 18 goals and the Magpies by 11 last week, the Fever were pushed from start to finish.

Lightning were not only playing their first home game of the season but the reigning Champions were trying not to start their title defence with three losses.

But despite their fight back and leading with 1.30 seconds left of the clock, Fever were able to score the last two goals of the game to give them their third win of the season.

It is a stark contrast to the Fever last season who only managed two wins during 2017. 

“The way in which we controlled the ball, we contested really hard to keep ourselves in it when the game was ebbing and flowing, to be able to stand strong when the moments counted was something we’ve really evolved," Fever coach Stacey Marinkovich said. 

“To get a win like this on the road after a flight and bus trip is a sensational effort by the girls."

“It’s more about our focus of being a better team each time we step out on court and it starts in the training environment the more intensity that we have there, the pressure that we are putting on ourselves, it’s really helping in those tight situations,” she said.