Dobson’s WPL Championship club Mereweather United went back-to-back in Newcastle this year with the attacker scoring two goals in the Grand Final against Warners Bay Panthers.

The 26-year-old managed 12 goals in 11 games for the side while juggling her full-time job as an occupational therapist.

But Dobson revealed she picked up a nasty eye injury when her partner Matt was mucking around with a stickyhand toy.

The injury looking serious at the time but the attacker was laughing about the situation today.

“It didn’t happen during a game… my boyfriend was being a bit of a special individual,” Dobson joked.

“He was trying to get some paperwork while I was working with it and the handle of the toy accidentally slingshotted into my eye, rupturing my iris.

“I was with a specialist every day because I wasn’t quite sure if I’d regain my eyesight, so it was an interesting eight weeks of my life.

“I couldn’t exercise in the time I was out, so that was quite frustrating. It’ll be an interesting one to tell the kids one day.

“The boyfriend owes me a puppy for it… but it’s fine and everything has come out normal and hasn’t affected me in anyway now."

Dobson added she still enjoyed having time away from football during the W-League offseason and being an occupational therapist.

“You need to basically have that downtime to take yourself away,” she said. “While it’s a very big physical game and it’s hard on the body all year round.

"it’s a mental toll as well, so getting that life balance is something I find really important personally.”