Football Federation Australia are set to decide on Wednesday which two new teams will join the A-League next season or the season after.

Several of the bids have also included W-League sides as part of their bids - but the FFA admits it currently has no plans to expand the W-League as it still considers its future strategy.

The A-League is ultimately aiming for a 16-team competition with a 30-round home and away league season plus the finals as its ideal format, up from its current 27-round season where clubs play each other three times.

But the W-League's nine clubs are still stuck on a 14-round season, with one club getting a bye each week.

And at the moment, the FFA is undecided about what comes next for the W-League in terms of more clubs and/or a complete home and away season.

There are concerns that a longer season may see the W-League overlap with other women's league around the world, especially the USA which has seen a surge in Australian players playing there recently.

And officials are worried an extended W-League season could cost Matildas vital playing time if they are unable to find another overseas club when the W-League season finishes.

In the latest FTBL Podcast, the FFA's head of women's sport Emma Highwood admitted it was a problem they had yet to solve.



The first priority is a full home and away season, she said, before expansion will be considered. 

"When we look at expansion., it's not just a case of tagging onto what is actually happening in the A-League," she tells the FTBL podcast.

"If you expand at the same rate, our product would be impacted. It is the basic numbers difference with the number of women who play this game.

"With that view, it's not necessary that every A-League team straight away gets an W-League team."

She added: "We also have players playing overseas and so we also have when those leagues are starting and finishing, plus international breaks for the Matildas that we are respecting now.

"It is logistically complex."

An option of playing more midweek games in a bid to increase the number of matches could cause problems for those players who have outside jobs and the increased travel time it would create.

Matildas coach Alen Stajcic was also wary of expanding too soon.

"I think we need a a full home and away - it would be great," he told FTBL. "But I think there's a lot of a lot of different elements around women's football that aren't in men's football.

"What will the overlap of seasons look like if players are playing in America and Europe and play here? Will they be able to play both? Will they play in one or the other?

"It's a lot more complex discussion that just to say we want an expanded W-League."

He added: "It's what we all want and what we're aiming for but we just have to think of the positive and negative consequences of encroaching on other leagues."

Despite the pressure for growth in the A-League, Highwood admitted W-League expansion is simply not a top priority.

She added: "With the W-League, we've got to take the same care and consideration that we've taken around expansion of A-League.

"There's been a lot of chatter about A-League expansion and not very much about the W-League. It's been overlooked completely. So as a game, I'd say that that's where we're at right now."