The women's NPL final will be played alongside nine other matches – from U14s through to first grade – at the sporting complex as part of  a "female football festival", says Football NSW. 

But the move has provoked an angry response from Northern Tigers first team.

With the burgeoning support for women's football in Australia, the players feel it's their turn to be recognised as a premier event.

48-time Matilda Servet Uzunlar, Josie Wilson, Erica Di Scascio and Hannah McNulty have come forward to FTBL to voice their displeasure at the choice of venue. 

"It's shocking," said Hannah McNulty. "It doesn't make sense." 

Matildas player Servet Uzunlar - Credit: Dan Ullman

"It feels like the men's game is getting more of a look in before the women's game," 48-cap Matildas veteran Servet Uzunlar added. 

"You would hope your state body is trying to grow the game for men and women. 

"It's right to question Football New South Wales and say that it's fantastic for the men, but it would also be nice to have the equal amount of intent in our game."  

Tigers full-back Josie Wilson said the move sent a poor message to aspiring female footballers. 

"If I was a young girl seeing this, I'd think that makes sense because the boys get better opportunities in the sporting community," said Wilson. 

"I feel like it becomes a subconscious understanding that women come second in football. 

"To me, it just seemed like an easy option and showed a bit of a lack of effort." 

Josie Wilson says Football NSW has shown a "lack of effort" - Credit: Dan Ullman

A majority of the Northern Tigers first team and members of other WNPL teams in the finals series are also understood to be disappointed by the decision. 

The last time the WNPL Grand Final was played elsewhere was in 2014 when it was hosted at Lambert Park in Leichhardt. 

Since then, Valentine Sports Park has had a $22 million redevelopment and hosts more than 100 events every year on their synthetic and turf pitches. 

"We are surprised by some comments as the feedback we have received to playing all grand finals on the same day at Valentine Sport Park has been overwhelmingly positive," Football NSW told FTBL

"Where practical, we host all of our marquees finals at Valentine Sports Park.

"We continue to support the development of the players and coaches through our women's technical director, Football NSW Institute and the Future Matildas program that we host at Valentine Sports Park."

But Football NSW added they would look at potential alternative venues for next season.

Wilson believes a symbolic grand event would work wonders for the women's game. 

"I think they should put the finals at the same venue," said Wilson. "These are little things that can make a difference." 

The Women's NPL Grand Final will be held on Sunday September 1 with free entry for all.