The Federal Council of Italy's Football Federation (FIGS) announced on Monday, June A that the Serie A Femminile would have its season curtailed.

The league, which was suspended in March due to COVID-19, had seen teams play 15-16 of their 22 league games. Juventus had 44 points, 9 points ahead of De Vanna's second-placed AFC Fiorentina, with one more game played.

An earlier proposal was put forward which reportedly would have granted the championship to Juventus. The rest of the end of the football season would be concluded through a playoff involving six teams.

The teams ranked second to fourth, AFC Fiorentina (35 points), AC Milan(35 points) and AS Roma (34 points) would play to determine Italy's second UEFA Women's Champions League position.  The bottom three clubs, Bari (11 points), UPC Tavagnacco (10 points), and Orobica (1 point) would be the other three remaining teams in the playoff to determine who would be relegated. 

The playoff matches would take place from the 20-30 of July in one location.  However, this proposal was rejected Monday with the league being curtailed instead.  No championship was awarded.  Tavagnacco and Orobica Bergamo will be relegated while Napoli and San Marino will be promoted.

Juventus and Fiorentina were given places in next year's UEFA Women's Champions League.  The decision to give the second spot to Fiorentina, over AC Milan, was based on home and away match wins.  

Should De Vanna remain with the Florence based club next year, this will be the season she will have competed for Europe's top trophy.