Only 22 players are able to be signed at each of the four clubs; Brisbane Broncos, Sydney Roosters, St George Illawarra Dragons and New Zealand Warriors.

However, if clubs sign the maximum 10 elite player and five Kiwi Fern positives, it will leave them with sevens spots.

Earlier this month, Jillaroos coach and NRL Elite Programs Manager Brad Donald announced there had nearly 500 expressions of interest for the NRL's Women's Talent ID Day.

There are also factors like relocation, taking leave from work and being away from family that also need to be considered for players wanting to be part of the competition.

Some of the elite 40 players are mums and several lived or are based two hours from Brisbane or Sydney.

“I sort of feel for the girls in some way, with only four teams, it’s going to be four strong teams and some good players are going to miss out,” Dragons coach Daniel Lacey told the Daily Telegraph.

“It’s a lot of sacrifice from some of the girls who come straight from doing a pretty busy and detailed competition throughout the year and then they’re put into an NRL around the finals," he added.