With many doubting the immediate future of the league, the FFA recently announced the premier women’s competition would start on 27 December, the same date as the A-League. 
“It’s fantastic to finally have a start date and something to aim towards,” said Goodship. “There’s been a lot of planning and organising in the off-season in order for us to further improve. The 27th can’t come quick enough.”
Goodship, who took over from Mel Andreatta last year, has been building a well balanced squad and admits he is positive about his teams chances in 2020/21. The Roar finished fifth last season. 
“We are thankful that we have kept a good group from last season. Unfortunately we, like most clubs, aren’t in a financial position to compete with a team like Melbourne City season in season out, however I am very pleased with the group we as a group of staff have assembled. 
“We have a great mix of young, experienced, local and overseas players that will hopefully get our fans off their seats in excitement again. 
“We have some great leaders within our group, not just players but backroom staff and volunteers. I’m very confident our new signings and returning players will play a positive role in leadership in their own united and unique way.”
With many questioning the position of the W-League considering the departure of so many high profile Matildas, Goodship emphasised the importance of continuing to have a domestic competition that would keep feeding the national team and providing a pathway for the nation’s best women players to gain opportunities in more lucrative leagues overseas. 
“The W-League will always play a major part in Australian football including the role of developing Matildas. We as a nation should celebrate the fact we have so many world class Matildas currently playing at top clubs in Europe.
“They are provided the best facilities, a year-long competitive competition (more than W-League) and contracts that enable them to live. 
“The W-League will have a big role now in developing the next crop and group of players to pursue careers overseas. I’m a big fan and believer of that because until we can provide a year long competition with multi-year long contracts, then that’s our role to play.”
Goodship also pointed to the fact the 2023 World Cup will now serve as a huge incentive for younger players to perform at their best, with the lure of a home World Cup a tantalising carrot for those knocking on the door of the national team.
“The most exciting aspect about 2023 is the build up and run into the tournament starting. The excitement for players should be staggering.
“I am most excited about how young players will now be given more of an opportunity and seeing how they progress and seeing if they have the ability to be consistent with their performances. 
“Now is a real good chance for players such as Jamilla Rankin, Wini Heatley and so on to really stand up, grasp and grab the opportunity with both hands.”