Let's be honest. Melbourne City may not have conceded since the first game of the season, but Darian Jenkins is fully capable of scoring a hat-trick against them in the W-League Grand Final.

So is Remy Siemsen though, or Kristen Hamilton.

To give context, Natalie Tobin hadn't scored all campaign and she just pulled off arguably the goal of the season. Pick that one out.

There are so many confidence players in the Dub...and confidence teams. What this means considering Sydney are likely to be facing Victory in finals? Who could say?

One poor result or a cracking win and a club's entire season can be turned on its head. We've seen it with Victory, we've seen it with Western Sydney Wanderers. We're seeing it now with Perth Glory.

There is no doubt that City remain clear favourites no matter what happens, but nobody expected much that has happened this season to happen and we can't see any reason why it would stop with finals.

The key is that at this stage of the season, teams are finally hitting their stride. This goes for virtually everyone and there are a few very dangerous individuals in this league that are just now hitting top form. 

A full season in their legs, weeks of playing together in their minds, a full fitness program under their belts, the size and shape of the goal firmly in their sights.

You get the feeling that if we doubled the W-League season, we would see an entirely different picture come finals. But in a way it's exciting that we go from this high point straight into do-or-die one-off fixtures.

The only thing we can say for certain? With 26 goals in the last six games (let's just repeat that, 26 in six) it will be absolutely incredible to watch.