The campaign, Same City, Same Passion wants to demonstrate that football will always be the same for all participants but it also highlights the challenges and misconceptions around women’s football by highlighting their achievements.

Manchester City, also part of the City Football Group, also launched the same at the end of January to rave reviews across social media.

The launch for Manchester City marked four years since the relaunch of their women's team. 

In 2014, FIFA's Women's Football Survey found that only 13% of its member associations believed women’s football was perceived as a quality sport.  

They wanted to combat this misconception and to show that the similarities to the men’s game are far greater than the differences. 

In Australia, female participation in football has continued to grow with a 2017 Roy Morgan poll finding more girls are participating in football than any other team sport at junior level, as participation surges past 20 percent among girls aged 4-11.

That rapid growth of football participation amongst young Australian females has resulted in higher levels of engagement with the Matildas and the W-League

Melbourne City along with Manchester City want to highlight that football is football.

“Since joining Melbourne City, the Club has always placed a strong emphasis on providing equal opportunity and access to all players and ensuring all athletes are treated the same," Melbourne City captain Steph Catley said.

"I think this campaign reflects our Club’s approach to football and think it should extend to how everyone views the game; one that is accessible to anyone who enjoys the amazing experience, passion and excitement it can provide to so many,” she said.