It's one the tightest seasons to date with eight teams still vying for a spot in the 2018/19 W-League finals series.

"It's a credit to how strong the league is getting and this year being it's strongest yet but we just have to concentrate on the football," Butt said.

"Obviously, we want to make top four so that's what we will be going for."

City, who sit just a point outside the top four, will need to win all these games to have a chance at making the finals or rely on other results to go their way.

Despite being in this situation the 2013/14 Julie Dolan winner says it's been an exciting season.

"There are a lot of teams that are pretty close on points and I think it will come down to the last three games for almost all the top four," Butt said.

"I think this year has been exciting with how competitive the league has been.

"Hopefully we get the results we need from the last three games to make the semis so it looks like anything can happen."

If City is able to to do a repeat of their past two seasons and sneak into the top four, Butt will miss the semi-final match. 

Her wedding to partner and former Kiwi international Kirsty Yallop is set to take place in New Zealand the weekend semi-finals are scheduled. 

"Bit of a scheduling issue but at the time the wedding was set before the W-League schedule came out and also before the national team schedule had been finalised so it was a bit of a hit and miss," Butt said.

"It was either missing W-League or National Team duties so it kind of just happened this way but I know that if we make the semi-finals I believe in anyone who plays for the City team.

"Hopefully it just means I will be playing in a final after."

City has already done what no football team in A-League and W-League history has done before winning three Championships in a row. However, there is a team which could put their hopes of a fourth title in a spin. 

Butt comes up against her former club, Brisbane Roar on Friday night. The team in orange currently sit just above City on the ladder and could dent a blow in City's finals hopes if they get the win.

The 27-year-old was part of Roar since the inaugural members so she's not sure how she feels about coming up against them.

"I'm kind of just waiting to see how I feel on the day but it's a game of football at the end of the day so I'll just concentrate on playing and not worry too much about the rest," she said. 

You can catch Tameka Butt as she faces her former club on Friday at AAMI Park from 5:20pm (AEDT) or LIVE on SBS Viceland and FoxSports 505.