Robinson has undergone extensive surgery and a four-month spell on the sidelines following a nasty injury, but with huge potential for the upcoming season, is abundantly positive about her future.

"I pulled my whole tibia from my fibula so it was a good one," Robinson told

"I didn't hear a snap or break people probably usually hear. I didn't think I broke anything but rather just sprained it. Then I couldn't lift my leg up and I thought this could be worse.

"I've been doing physio with the army and the Broncos have looked after me well. I've been cleared to start running again. I'm on the anti-gravity treadmill (Alter G) but getting there.

"It just depends when we get to the six-week mark coming up with running but I'm confident in my return."

Robinson is preparing for a stellar second NRLW season with the Broncos and hoping her previously hardy constitution will continue to serve her well into the future.

"I've been relatively injury free my whole career, it was the first time I had surgery and couldn't do anything for a long time," Robinson said.

"I'm more just keen to get back, I'm not worried. People say the mental side is the biggest part but it's just a sport, everyone gets injured and you just have to ensure you do proper training and you'll be fine."