Zainab Mohamud started the Black Panthers after realising that women were interested in being involved in sport, however, were too shy to participate. She launched the private female-only Facebook group to help women feel comfortable, included and build confidence among the diverse community.

Zainab, who's parents are from Somalia but moved to Australia in the 80s, was taught to play football by her cousins when she visited Somalia at the turn of the Millenium. She learnt to play barefoot outside of a house which sat on an acreage and all the neighborhood children would come and join in.

Originally from Victoria, Zainab moved to Darwin in 2013 and 2015, where she fell in love with the chilled lifestyle, atmosphere and most importantly the weather of the city before moving back in early 2016.

Last season first time she played in the Northern Territory where she played with Casuarina FC. and It was an eye-opening and confusing experience with the way teams were run compared to Victoria.

"I absolutely loved playing for the team but there were so many girls to compete with for your position. You miss a training session, you're not playing in the starting line up," she said.

Zainab gradually got to know more girls in the African community, which included a large Congolese and Liberian community along with Zimbabwean, Nigerian and Somalian. They are willing to be involved in the community but a lack of confidence hindered them from joining in.

"Some girls don't speak proper English but they speak with their feet," Zainab said.

"They love getting involved and doing things but as soon as they speak English and someone doesn't understand them, their confidence level drops," she said.

So last year, Pat Simmons, who┬áZainab had worked with at Football Without Borders, formed a male team and she asked about having a women's team too.┬áÔÇő

"I had a lot of girls that migrated here, that still don't have their permanent residency, that are new to the country, that want to play but don't feel comfortable," Zainab said.