The Olympic Day has been celebrated annually since 1948.  Held on every June 23, it aims at celebrating getting active and living the Olympic values.  The day's global theme "Move, Learn, Discover" celebrates teamwork, sportsmanship and doing your best.

In an effort to encourage the Australian public and schools to promote health and active lifestyles and to embody this Olympic Day spirit the Australian Olympic Team is setting a challenge.  

This challenge is simple:

  1. Set a personal GOAL at the beginning of June to achieve by Olympic Day.
  2. Share your goal on social media and challenge FOUR MATES to join in.
  3. Share your weekly progress by TAGGING @AUSOlympicTeam and #OlympicDay Goals.
  4. Celebrate your #OlympicDayGoals with others on Olympic Day.

Good luck!