Rachael Haynes, Nicole Bolton, Alyssa Healy, Ash Gardner, Elyse Villani and Nicola Carey took time out from their tour of India to hear the stories from survivors of domestic violence. 

The women discussed the extreme challenges they have faced, and the crucial role the support centre has played in their ongoing emotional recovery.

Healy said it was an eye-opening morning.

"It was a great learning experience as to the women's movement which is happening over here and how they are trying to empower women," she said.

"It was great to sit there and hear these brave women speak about their stories," Healy said.

Domestic violence in India is still a prevalent issue with statistics showing 41 percent of women have reported violence against them.
Several centres have been set up around the Gujarat region in India's north-west which are all attached to police stations to add an additional safety network.

Oxfam Australia was involved in the initial phase of the development of these centres which provide both short term and long term counselling and guidance to victims of domestic violence.

The centres are now operated and managed locally.

The objective of this project was to ensure that women are recognised as individuals, have access to equal rights and opportunities in society, to live peaceful and violence-free lives.