While merely a discussion point at this stage, FFA and the Starting XI (a discussion group featuring former and current Matildas) specifically listed the idea among several aimed at continuing the growth of female football.

A TV show dedicated to W-League, Matildas and global women's football is by no means a new idea, with multiple iterations in the past (including a web pilot released by The Women's Game).

However, the idea has taken on new relevance given FFA's forced decision to reprioritise the production of its own digital content hub.

"(By 2035), the future of the game has been secured via the creation of an entity which has enhanced commercial opportunities for the game via innovative solutions such as a ‘digital football hub’ and the production of its own content," FFA's discussion paper mused.

"Creation of a Women's Football and Women in Football TV Shows."

The governing body has acknowledged it's likely to pivot towards owning and producing its own content in light of Fox Sports' reluctance to broadcast Australian football.

Given this trajectory and the opportunity for rapid growth in women's football burgeoned by hosting the 2023 World Cup, it appears more likely than ever that such a project will feature at some stage in the future.

The idea is given a lift thanks to Fox Sports' prominent featuring of female talent on their W-League and Matildas coverage. Australia has recently produced a collection of high-profile and extremely well received female football pundits.

Ex-Matildas Amy Chapman and Michelle Heyman have been notable recent faces, while established journalists such as Tara Rushton and Mel McLaughlin are two of many football-oriented leading names in the sporting industry.

The idea also follows the lead of another of the discussion paper's principles aimed at transitioning more Australian football participants into football fans, with the current two million playing the sport across the country currently relatively deprived of high-value analytical broadcasting devoted to women's football.

For all these reasons and more, while merely a throwaway sentence in a very large and very ambitious document, there is reason for optimism that an Australian women's football TV show is more a matter of when than if. 

For the heck of it, feel free check out our (low budget, but very passionate) age-old venture starring Sarah Walsh below: