D’Antino has been doing video analysis at Victory for five years and was itching for a change when the opportunity to move to the UK came up.

He joins Arsenal as senior assistant coach to Montemurro.

"I was looking for a change in everything really," D’Antino told the Geelong Advertiser.

"I just wanted to test myself at another organisation, learn from different people, experience a different culture and I wanted to move into coaching. 

"Naturally, when the offer came, it all happened very quickly. It’s just that period now where we’re jumping into the unknown.

“It’s a coaching role first and foremost, I’m on the park every day and it’s a massive club.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and there are no guarantees something like this would pop up again, particularly at a club like that."

He added: “At the moment, my goal is to get as high as I can from an assistant perspective but I’ve got no doubt that eventually, the itch will get me to take my own team, somewhere at the elite level, regardless of if it’s women’s or men’s or an under-23 or youth level.

“Long term, I’d love to come back to Australia.”