The restructure comes after several barren years at the club, where former coach Ivan Karlovic built a solid defensive unit but could never lead the side to finals.

It also comes after a disappointing last campaign, where after losing captain and club figurehead Emma Checker, the club sunk to eighth in the league.

It carried over a series of strong starts or finishes to league campaigns that had ultimately ended in disappointment, leading to strong action from the club.

Karlovic has been moved into a overseeing role as head of Adelaide's women's department, with former assistant Adrian Stenta taking over as head coach.

The obvious ploy will be to reinvigorate their attacking set up, with highly-prized US international import Mallory Weber uncertain to re-sign and former Matildas striker Mary Fowler now with French giants Montpellier.

“We’re so excited that Ivan (Karlović) has been appointed as football director for the women,” Holmes said in an interview with AUFC Media.

“I think that because he has such a comprehensive knowledge of the women’s game in Adelaide and also with the team, I think he’ll do some really amazing work behind the scenes that maybe before he wouldn’t have been able to do as head coach.

“I think it’s so important, I think it really makes us feel really valued within the Club to have a resource dedicated just for us,” said Holmes, who plies her trade in the offseason for Adelaide City in the Women’s National Premier League.

“The fact that it’s Ivan, I think is really cool because he knows us all so well and he really looks out for our best interests.”

Holmes believes Stenta's continuity will help aid the club through a large transitional period.

“He’s obviously been our assistant for the last couple of years,” she said.

“So he knows us really well, and we know him really well and I think it’ll be really great in terms of the continuity of the program. And how I’ll style of play will hopefully remain fairly similar to what it has been in the past.”

The key for the club is their ability to track and take advantage of the strong South Australian WNPL system, which had previously born the likes of the Fowler sisters.

With a strong core of South Australians now in the squad, a fresh-faced Adelaide can finally reboot their whole club set up.

The club now have new owners, a new CEO in Bruce Djite, a new men's coach and now entire women's football department.

“I think we have an advantage of having such a young group that’s been together for a few years now," Holmes continued.

“And we’re starting to get some good experience in the W-League, so hopefully this year we can take it one step further and hopefully make finals.”