Brisbane Roar goalkeeper and cancer survivor Hensley Hancuff knows adversity is real, but she is proof you can come through it stronger than ever.

The 22-year-old from Oklahoma had two tumours removed from her ovaries in November, 2017, just before she attended college at Villanova University.

Now cancer free, overcoming the disease has made her more resilient and wiser beyond her years.

"I think pre-cancer I was just an immature little kid who expected to be handed a lot of things in life," Hancuff told AAP ahead of the Roar's home A-League Women clash with Adelaide United on Sunday.

"Once I went through that it changed my perspective. The world can be against me. The odds can be against me, but so long as I work my hardest and do everything that is in my hands to be successful then greatness will come for me ... even through cancer."

While her story can be inspirational to others, Hancuff stays humble about it.

"Everybody goes through things in their life. Everybody goes through negative times. Cancer was just one of my stories," she said.

"The whole process taught me that adversity is real. I was lucky not to have it worse than I did because there are so many adults and children out there that do have it worse.

"I want to be an inspiration for those kids, but also just little girls who haven't gone through many things yet. I want them to know they will, and that they are going to be OK.

"After (having the tumours removed) I don't think I had time to think about what just happened until I was a couple of months into college and still going through treatments and body scans.

"Being thrown in the deep end and having to figure things out for myself is what taught me to grow up so quickly and have such a different mindset."

Signed to the Roar from Gotham FC when she was a rookie, the towering 190cm Hancuff has already become a cult figure at the club. At games, a banner with her image on it is unfurled that says: 'Defence of the 6'3" woman'.

"I love being tall. I have loved it my whole life. As a goalkeeper I am able to dominate in the air and that is what I pride myself on," she said.

"My size is definitely a huge intimidation factor, but along with my size comes my personality. You can be tall but still shy away, but you can take advantage of that as well and have a big, lion personality. With the Brisbane Roar, it fits perfectly.

"I am stoked to be here and ready to finish off the second half of the season strong."

The Led Zeppelin fan likes to listen to hit song 'Black Dog', and loud, before she runs out.

"That is one of my favourite songs. It just puts me in the dominant mindset to win every single ball that comes my way," she grinned.