So what did we learn from Australia’s match against Norway?

1. Never say die

A “slow start” means nothing when it comes to the Matildas, and they are seemingly in their element when coming from behind.

In their last seven outings, the Matildas have come from behind four times

Norway scored the opening goal after a defensive error but Australia recovered with an onslaught of answers going into the break 3-1 up.

Norway came out to play in the second half and it didn’t take long for them to notch up two goals to draw the scores level.

An almost goal from Sam Kerr in the last minutes of the game was ruled offside and showed the Matildas have the ability to come back strong. Larissa Crummer slotted home the winning goal just seconds later as the Matildas continued their never say die attitude.

2. Expect anything

Looking at Australia and Norway from a purely statistical point would suggest that Australia, currently ranked number four should have taken the win from Norway who are at number 14.

But as woso fans know best, anyone can take out the match regardless of stats and previous performances.

Every game is different and during the game the Matildas had to adapt to the plays from Norway however after a sunny week in Portugal they didn’t expect the rain and wind they got on game day.

Besides that, Australia now has a target on their backs, they are no longer the underdogs, they will have to expect teams lower than them to challenge and take advantage of every missed opportunity.