1. Emerging nations need to be taken seriously

Ranked 38th in the world and finishing the 2017 edition of the tournament in 12th place out of 12 nations, Portugal's transformation in the last 12 months has been something great to see.

A mixture of youth and experience saw the team qualify for their first major tournament in 2017, the European Women's Championship and they have only built on their performances.

While the Matildas, along with coach Alen Stajcic, know nations like Portugal will be tough, others may expect the Matildas to win games based on ranking positions. 

2. Decision making needs to be quicker

In the previous meeting between the two teams a few days ago, Australian players were swarmed by Portuguese players whenever they got the ball and when Australia would go to pass it wasn't accurate.

The Matildas need to be able to adjust to each team they face without hesitation, especially heading into the Asian Cup where they have three games over nine days. 

However, while quicker decisions are needed they also have to be safe decisions.

3. Rotation - Fans may not like it but it's important

Rotation is very important going into a major tournament especially when there are injury clouds above the heads of key players including Steph Catley, Emily Gielnik, Hayley Raso and Kyah Simon, while Caitlin Foord and Amy Harrison are set to miss the Asian Cup.

Being able to rotate players allows Stajcic to see the players he has to work with, if players don't return from injury, and to implement the appropriate tactics and formations to the team.

While one can and will argue this shouldn't be done in the game situation, training games and training itself can never replicate what happens against an opponent.  

4. The forwards need to take their chances

Sometimes forwards don't get a lot of chances in the game and if they are presented with one, it needs to be converted. 

It was a potentially game changing moment when Sam Kerr was brought down in the box late in the second half and Australia was awarded a penalty but it was saved. 

Chances like that need to be put away especially when it's the 85th minute. 

5. Put the Algarve Cup behind them and focus on the Asian Cup

Learn from the mistakes and missed opportunities, take them onboard and look towards the Asian Cup to improve on them. 

The Algarve Cup is here to help the sides and see where they need to improve before the Asian Cup which doubles as World Cup qualifiers. 

While the team will be disappointed in the result, they can be proud of the improvements they have made since the 2017 tournament.