This tournament was littered with inconsistencies.

We were inconsistent in our approach within games, where our ability to press and hold possession was stifled by our lack of passing fluidity.

We were inconsistent in our approach between games, where team selection, player positions and tactical approach was all a matter of guesswork.

Perhaps worst of all, we were inconsistent in our determination. After North Korea scored their second goal against us in our opening group match, Chelsea Blissett was running down every ball, throwing her body into every shot and single-handedly keeping us in the game.

After Japan scored their fifth goal, Shadeene Evans was tirelessly pushing down that flank, cutting inside, perilously attempting to give us an option between our shellshocked defensive line and Fowler.

But these moments of individual character were constantly pockmarked by team-wide tepedity, indiscipline and criminally slow reactions.

We have many stars in the making in this team who can be bouyed by the fact that they have long, prosperous futures ahead of them. As we've said before, we wouldn't be so damn disappointed if the level of quality in this team wasn't so impressive.

But no matter how good you are, sometimes you just want to shove your head under the covers and pretend it never happened. The Young Matildas now have this luxury.

FFA and the Young Matildas coaching set-up definitely do not.