The story coming into the match was that the Western Sydney Wanderers finally have all three of the highly anticipated NWSL North Carolina Courage loanees in the lineup.

Kristen Hamilton was with the team in the first game, but today her teammates Lynn Williams and Denise O’Sullivan joined her. In Hamilton’s debuted she lived up to her hype with a goal, but today her and her counterparts looked less than spectacular. 

The trio along with the rest of the Wanderers produced plenty of chances, 29 to be exact. Yet the only goal they could convert was a penalty.

For the majority of the game the Wanderers were in their offensive half putting constant pressure on the Jets, it felt like they were on the verge of scoring the entire match. 

Western Sydney did end up with the three points, but their lack of finishing has to be a concern for them moving forward. To outmatch a team as much as they did in this game and to only score from a penalty has to be disappointing for the team.

There were glimpses of what Williams can do for the Wanderers with her blistering speed and footwork. Perhaps it is simply the team needs more time to gel together since O’Sullivan and Williams joined the Wanderers late with national team duties.

They will have to figure out their offensive woes in a hurry with the short W-League season and not having their first bye until week five.

The Wanderers are 2-0 on the season but they have plenty to improve upon for the remainder of the 2019-20 W-League campaign.