Melbourne City are the benchmark

Rather than complain they had six Matildas and other international stars. Let’s admire the fact City are a club that takes the women’s game seriously. 

Their facilities and female program is world class. 

They take the women’s game seriously and as a result they will reap the rewards. Four titles in five years says it all. 

On the field today their class shone through despite a brave effort from Sydney FC. Steph Catley wasn’t her usual fluent self but she performed in the big moments. Her goal was lucky but it was just reward for a player who always makes things happen. 

Ellie Carpenter ran hard all night. Yukari Kinga showed her class when she needed too. Kyah Simon was strong in the middle. 

Essentially City’s entire program won them the game tonight. 

2. Sydney FC’s pressure was first class 

Sydney FC’s game plan was effective. They pressed hard and put pressure on City leading to turnovers and disconnect amongst the usually fluent City players. 

Pressure is already there in a grand final, but Sydney FC took it to another level. It kept them in the game for the most part. 

As the game opened up and City were tired and frustrated, the Sky Blues got themselves back into the game. 

Unfortunately for Sydney FC it wasn’t enough with City holding on for another win. 


3. Natasha Dowie has a ready made career when she retires

While the game wasn’t of the highest quality, arguably the best performance was in the commentary box where Melbourne Victory star Natasha Dowie gave some fabulous insight into the game.

A player known for her intelligence and excellent ability to read the play, Dowie was able to provide some tactical analysis as well as help fans understand decisions made by players and coaches alike. 

It is always refreshing when a recent player can help fans at home relate to the action. Dowie is well respected and knows her stuff. Her knowledge came through loud and clear and the best part was she delivered it with professionalism. 

We need more astute thinkers in the commentary box and Dowie is someone who has the brains to help drive the women’s game forward.

What she has done on the field speaks volumes but her intelligent and practical commentary will make the powers that be listen. That is vital. We need females with credibility to speak up.

Dowie behind the microphone is a wonderful thing for the women’s game.