1. We are well and truly behind Asia in female football

Perhaps this is not anything we actually learned. We knew this already after seeing the Young Matildas' woeful showing in the AFC Under 19s Championships. 

The Korean side ran over the top of Victory tonight. The Aussie team started off alright but the Koreans just outclassed them in the end. The Koreans held possession when they needed too and played fast football when they wanted too. 

The technicality and composure on the ball by the Asian team was far superior to Victory who tried their best but often just resorted to hopeful balls rather than meaningful passing into dangerous areas.

2. The W-League needs more Asian talent

We have seen how good Yukari Kings is for Melbourne City. We saw how North Korea, Japan and South Korea outclassed the Young Matildas in China.

So why not bring some of those youngsters to the W League and help enhance the league, as well as our Australian players who will learn from them?

The likes of Kang Ji-Woo (South Korea) and Oto Kanno (Japan) are just the prototype we want for our Australian girls. 

If we are to compete with Asia, who are blocking our pathway to World Cups and the Olympics, we need to learn from them. Better have them on the inside assisting us, rather than laughing at us from the outside.

3. Our curriculum needs a major overhaul

Passing the ball around among the backline and going nowhere is fast becoming Australian football’s stock standard style. 

We need players that can compete technically, have intricate touches that maintain control of the ball, have composure on the ball and can use their own brains when deciding where to position themselves and move the ball. 

At the moment, the Australian system seems so basic and devoid of any flare or flavour that it’s sometimes almost embarrassing to go on the world stage.