A week ago the storyline was the dismal start Melbourne Victory had to their W-League season.

They were thought to have one of the top offences and yet there were held scoreless in their opener.

Victory could get nothing going and it seemed like their woes would take a while to correct. However, in their first road contest of the season Victory seem to have found their stride. 

The first goal of the year for Victory may have come at the hands of a Brisbane Roar own goal but there was no denying their offensive urgency in the early minutes.

The beginning of the game looked a lot like Victory was trying to avenge last week’s 3-0 loss. They were playing high tempo offence spraying the ball into their final third often. Victory’s attack was rewarded with two goals within the first 14 minutes of play. A stark contrast to a week ago when they looked outmatched at just about every position. 

Their midfield controlled the ball better and were able to find Natasha Dowie and company showing their adjustments from game one.

Melbourne Victory was not able to sustain the constant pressure all match thanks in large part to Brisbane’s own urgency to get out of their own goal deficit.