The stark negatives to take out of this Olympic qualification period have all arrived in the back end. After two thumpings of Thailand and Taiwan, the scraped draw against China was a little too close for comfort.

We were too relaxed at home against a side that had faced numerous challenges due to the outbreak of coronavirus and they came so close to making us pay.

Had we lost that match, were it not for the grace of van Egmond's boot, we would be looking at a very difficult situation now.

China have to face South Korea in June - with all the problems that entails - due to the countries' coronavirus epidemics and it could have easily been us.

There was a brief reprieve with another thrashing of Vietnam in the first leg, but despite how easy it can be to switch off when you're 7-0 up on aggregate, the issues are all too familiar.

Weak back passes, a lack of intensity, poor forward passing, lapse marking, allowing two-on-ones in our defensive third...when the sun shines we're a million degrees but when it rains, we pour.