Keepers make all the difference

Sarah Willacy’s side might be out of the finals race, but this season could have been even more disastrous if it wasn’t for their shot-stopper.

Willacy has been in form all season, and today was no different.

Another save to add to the highlights reel came for Willacy in the 50th minute, when she was able to stop Rosie Sutton’s attempt on goal in a one-on-one situation by stretching out to stop the ball in its path.

Without a keeper of Willacy’s calibre, Adelaide might have lost tonight’s game, and many others, by a much larger margin.

The keeper did all the small stuff right, as did Casey Dumont at the other end of the field.

Dumont kept a calm head and was steadfast in her defence. She communicated well with her side and distributed the ball perfectly when she was called upon - and to top it all off, she kept a clean sheet.

How good have the keepers been in our W-League season so far?!