Melbourne City is expected to be one of the top teams in the W-League ever since they joined the league in 2015. Each season they have one of the best rosters which puts a large target on them to perform well. 

The last two rounds for City has had them with underwhelming performances. They barely defeated Canberra last week and tied the Newcastle Jets 1-1 in the opening round.

And today’s 1-0 defeat is showing a trend in their play. 

A wonderful slew of passes and build up from Melbourne City in the seventh minute led to the opening goal. Kyah Simon and Ellie Carpenter were 100% in sync with one another and made the Adelaide defenders look like they were standing still. 

Often an early goal is a sign of what is to come, constant pressure on the opposing defence and at least one more goal. But the seventh minute goal was the only one to end up on the score sheet. 

City was not held the rest of the game, but the majority of their chances either had a bad final pass or a ball going every direction besides on goal. Just six of their 18 shots were on frame. 

Criticizing an undefeated team seems like nitpicking, but City has not faced any team that finished in the top four from a year ago.

Their incomplete performances may be getting them results now, however against the other top teams they will have to do better.