These are just some of the best reasons to be watching the W-League and there's never been a better time to start.

Matildas Live

The Matildas are one of Australia’s most popular sporting teams, but the best way to watch many of them play is by attending a W-League game.

There are few better sights in Australian football than Emily van Egmond playing a pass to a full paced Ellie Carpenter while Brisbane Roar fans are treated to Clare Polkinghorne, Tameka Yallop, Elise Kellond-Knight and Katrina Gorry linking up on a weekly basis.

Watching Matilda teammates face off against each other for their clubs elevates the quality of the league and provides some entertaining and fascinating duels.

It should not be forgotten that the Matildas are currently ranked seventh in the world by Fifa, so there are many highly talented players who might not be in the national team but still have the ability to light up the W-League.

The Supporters

Crowds may not be huge, but they are passionate, family-friendly and love their football, with many fans organizing some committed and passionate supporter groups.

These supporters organize chants, pre-game gatherings and viewing parties to follow their teams and it’s a chance to be part of a community and to link up with other fans of women’s football. 

Crowd participation is almost entirely devoted to positively supporting their players, with negative chanting or heckling rare, even in tense on-field encounters.

Melbourne supporter group The Victory Vikings even voted on and awarded their own player of the season trophy to Casey Dumont this year, beginning their own tradition and strengthening their bond with the team.

It's a tight-knit fan experience unique to the W-League.