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Julie Dolan's journey from Seymour flyers to the World Stage

Julie Dolan took a moment at the Matildas' 40th anniversary celebrations to give a unique insight into just how far the Matildas have come.


Inside the Matildas' 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Recap the action with legends past and present from the Matildas' 40th anniversary celebrations and ceremony.


'They're a movement, not a team': Matildas celebrate 40th anniversary

The Matildas have celebrated the 40th anniversary of their groundbreaking first friendly with a special ceremony at Seymour Park in Sydney.


Kellond-Knight: 'We've pushed the game to its limits'

Elise Kellond-Knight said the Matildas are continuing to push women's football to the edge of its capabilities and beyond, in an impassioned speech marking 40 years of the Australian women's national team.