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The big interview, insight, analysis and fun chat podcast you need for the A-League and Socceroos

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Episode #260 (29 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.09: The Socceroos World Cup Post Mortem (38:54 min, 36.5 MB)
Michael Lynch from Fairfax joins the boys in Kazan as we assess who's dead in the water for the Socceroos, what has to change before the Asian Cup - and what CAN actually change... and how?

Episode #259 (21 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.09: One Day In The Life of... (1:17:19 min, 72.5 MB)
This is also on video on our Facebook page if you want to see who and what we are talking about/to/etc! We take you through a day in the life of 442 in Russia and meet a few interesting characters along the way...

Episode #258 (18 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.08: Positive heartbreak... (35:02 min, 32.8 MB)
The loss was disappointing but the performance gave hope for the remains games. Here’s how we saw the French game, and how we see things working out from here...

Episode #257 (14 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.07: The Secrets of Bert van Marwijk (20:12 min, 18.9 MB)
We meet one of the men who knows the new Socceroos coach intimately - Johannes Kapteijns, Dutch sports reporter with De Telegraaf - who spills some of the secrets behind the mastermind.

Episode #256 (12 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.06: With the Roos in Kazan (34:48 min, 32.6 MB)
At a cafe outside the Socceroos training base, Kev, Clement and John assess the lessons from the Hungary game and Australia's arrival at their new Russian home.

Episode #255 (8 Jun 2018): 442 FM 2018.05: Letter from Kazan (11:19 min, 10.6 MB)
As Kev is currently the only person who can speak semi-fluent English in Kazan ahead of the Socceroos and the rest of the press pack arriving at the weekend, he sends us a first person snapshot of life in the Russian city instead.

Episode #254 (31 May 2018): 442 FM 2018.04: Lucy Zelic on Socceroos success (42:45 min, 40.1 MB)
What constitutes success for the Socceroos at Russia 2018? And how will Bert van Marwijk actually go about delivering it? Special guest Lucy Zelic joins the pod to discuss that and more...

Episode #253 (24 May 2018): 442 FM 2018.03: Bonita Mersiades on Socceroos books and World Cup bids (43:30 min, 40.8 MB)
442FM welcomes FIFA whistleblower, former FFA Head of Comms turned Australian football book publisher Bonita Mersiades to the podcast for some insider chat on Socceroos - and World Cup bids!

Episode #252 (17 May 2018): 442 FM 2018.02: Roos Got A Point To Prove? (53:03 min, 49.7 MB)
Who got shafted in Bert’s 26 for the World Cup training camp - and who needs to shine to make it into the final 23? Who’ll score and what does Arzani offer? Adam and Kev are joined by two new faces on the pod – and we hear from Shane Smeltz and Tony Vidmar too.

Episode #251 (10 May 2018): 442 FM 2018.01: Socceroos Special (1:01:02 min, 57.2 MB)
How is Australia shaping up for Russia? Optus presenter and executive producer Richard Bayliss joins the team to assess how the Socceroos will do in Russia next month.

Episode #250 (22 Nov 2017): 442 FM 13.05: We're going to Russia! (52:05 min, 48.8 MB)
It might well by the skin of our teeth in the last 45 minutes of the second half and needed three set pieces from the captain... BUT WE'RE GOING TO RUSSIA – and there's plenty to discuss.

Episode #249 (1 Nov 2017): 442 FM 13.04: Simon Hill and the downfall of Australian Football (1:10:26 min, 66 MB)
Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill joins us as we dissect the woes blighting Australian football, from the FFA congress crisis to Ange and the Socceroos, and the bid for a new second division. Oh and some football - and Simon's new book!

Episode #248 (25 Oct 2017): 442 FM 13.03: Paul Okon and Wild Tackles (52:02 min, 48.8 MB)
The Mariners coach comes in for a grilling as we also ask just how many broken legs can you expect in a weekend? It's been a rough and tumble start to the season and that not just on 442FM!

Episode #247 (18 Oct 2017): 442 FM 13.02: Sam Kerr and Danny De Silva join 442FM (35:49 min, 33.6 MB)
High power Perth star quality bolsters the Western Australian-flavoured pod this week thanks to chats with Matildas hero Sam Kerr and Central Coast Mariners star signing Daniel De Silva.

Episode #246 (12 Oct 2017): 442 FM 13.01: Bozza, Tara and Peacock join 442FM (1:01:19 min, 57.5 MB)
Ange's exit from the Roos comes under scrutiny plus we catch up with the Fox Sports crew, and we assess the stars, surprises and flops of the opening round of the A-League.

Episode #245 (4 Oct 2017): 442 FM 13.00: It All Starts Here... (1:34:22 min, 88.5 MB)
Daniel "D10" Capellaro is our special guest as the boys return in a new and improved format to assess Ange's legacy for the Socceroos, look at who's done best in the off-season, and find out more about D10's Australia side playing in the Mini Football World Cup in Tunisia this week.

Episode #244 (22 Nov 2016): 442 FM 12.07: Who blundered more - refs or Socceroos (50:43 min, 47.5 MB)
The team is joined by Lawrie McKinna biographer Adrian Deans as we pick over the Socceroos and another round of reffing blunders in the A-League.

Episode #243 (16 Nov 2016): 442 FM 12.06: Squires and Crews join the pod (1:00:26 min, 56.7 MB)
Adam and Kev are joined by Guardian cartoonist David Squires and For Modern Football funnyman Joey Crews to see just how much they've already forgotten from the weekend's games.

Episode #242 (9 Nov 2016): 442 FM 12.05: How the hell did that happen? (48:41 min, 45.6 MB)
Roar are in second place, Sydney are running away with the league and the Mariners might be playing the best footy in the competition. Is this Armageddon?

Episode #241 (26 Oct 2016): 442 FM 12.04: Mayhem Derby (52:19 min, 49.1 MB)
The boys pick the bones of a spiteful few days of games, sanctions and citing as the A-League hits boiling point... and it's still only round 3.

Episode #240 (20 Oct 2016): 442 FM 12.03: Derby Delight (1:06:09 min, 62 MB)
Double derby, the Socceroos plus THAT GOAL and THOSE TACKLES, and much much more in our latest megamegapodcast

Episode #239 (5 Oct 2016): 442 FM 12.02: You Gotta Have A Team (1:00:48 min, 57 MB)
The boys give you the inside line on promotion and relegation from the A-League launch and preview the weekend's games - and the season ahead. Now with new music!

Episode #238 (15 Sep 2016): 442 FM 12.01: The Preview Preview (1:03:51 min, 59.9 MB)
The new season is coming and to mark our annual FourFourTwo A-League preview issue out now, we have a special look ahead at what's coming up in a bumper new campaign.

Episode #237 (29 Apr 2016): 442 FM 11.27: The Final Podcast (57:59 min, 54.4 MB)
The team wraps up the season with a look back at possibly the greatest game in A-League history and a look at what the final holds in store, plus a wrap of the A-League awards and the transfer market.

Episode #236 (21 Apr 2016): 442 FM 11.26: Premiers Plate Pod (54:48 min, 51.4 MB)
The team discuss if a plate is awarded in an empty stadium does it still count, plus all the finals action rounded up and previewed.

Episode #235 (13 Apr 2016): 442 FM 11.25: Last round... got me all choked up! (1:01:04 min, 57.3 MB)
Adam, Kevin, Con and John discuss a potential change to the last round for next season and multiple choking incidents from this weekend. Plus Adam 'Luther' Jackson has a dream about the Asian Champions League and Kev doesn't mention Devante Clut...

Episode #234 (6 Apr 2016): 442 FM 11.24: Coaching Report Card Pt 1 (1:03:35 min, 59.6 MB)
The boys give their end of term verdicts on the coaches who have failed to get their sides into the finals, plus our favourite red card machines, and a round up of the A-League.

Episode #233 (30 Mar 2016): 442 FM 11.23: Stunning Socceroos (50:34 min, 47.4 MB)
Not quite worldbeaters yet - but the Socceroos are on the way. Meanwhile Melbourne Victory send records tumbling in the A-League...

Episode #232 (23 Mar 2016): 442 FM 11.22: If we ruled the A-League (1:04:03 min, 60 MB)
The team take over from Damien De Bohun as head of A-League and introduce a few new rules... Plus we review the week's action.

Episode #231 (15 Mar 2016): 442 FM 11.21: Relegation Row (1:10:29 min, 66.1 MB)
Where next for the A-League? Do we expand? Promote/relegate? Both? Neither? The team tackles the big issue explored in depth in the new issue of FourFourTwo magazine.

Episode #230 (8 Mar 2016): 442 FM 11.20: Rio Rio Baby (1:10:35 min, 66.2 MB)
The Matildas are off to Rio and the pod celebrates their success plus reviews the latest FFA four year plan... oh and some A-League football too!

Episode #229 (1 Mar 2016): 442 FM 11.19: Matildas Shine! (1:00:53 min, 57.1 MB)
The boys bathe in the afterglow of an awesome Matildas victory over Japan on the Road To Rio, plus a wrap of all the ACL and regular A-League action.

Episode #228 (24 Feb 2016): 442 FM 11.18: Who's gonna win this thing? (1:05:55 min, 61.8 MB)
As the battle for the title draws even closer, the boys ar back to study who’s actually gone claim the honours?

Episode #227 (17 Feb 2016): 442 FM 11.17: The "Very Good" Pod (1:01:04 min, 57.3 MB)
Cahill on the move again - but to where? Victory fans put the club in strife, Fornaroli's rabona, Finkler's travesty, Nix from nowhere - all this and ulcers too.

Episode #226 (9 Feb 2016): 442 FM 11.16: Flare Play (1:09:30 min, 65.2 MB)
Can Wanderers defend their fans over the weekend's flarefest? Can anyone? But how can you penalise or punish the club? All this and Tim Cahill talk too...!

Episode #225 (27 Jan 2016): 442 FM 11.15: The Post-Straya Day Podcast (1:06:04 min, 62 MB)
A pretty dusty Adam joins the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed rest of the crew to assess whether the turnaround has come too late for Adelaide United and Perth Glory, are Roar in freefall, can anyone stop City without crippling Mooy - and what do you do with Jets now? Plus the Olyroos revisited...

Episode #224 (19 Jan 2016): 442 FM 11.14: Gracias Garcia (1:01:44 min, 57.9 MB)
Who should be more grateful - Gosford or Luis Garcia? The boys discuss the pros and cons of bringing the one-time Liverpool legend out of retirement to bolster struggling Central Coast Mariners.

Episode #223 (12 Jan 2016): 442 FM 11.13: Unhappy New Year (1:04:52 min, 60.8 MB)
The boys are back from their break (and importantly, Kev did not get married to Adam, despite what he says...) and they are divided over whether refs making U-turns are a good thing or a bad thing as they look back on the last three weeks of festive footy.

Episode #222 (16 Dec 2015): 442 FM 11.12: Merry Xmas, Boycott's Over (1:16:01 min, 71.3 MB)
Fans returned to the terraces this weekend after reaching a deal with the FFA - and were instantly rewarded with an all-time blockbuster. We've got all the chat, analysis and gossip right here!

Episode #221 (10 Dec 2015): 442 FM 11.11: ROADTRIP!!! FFT Away day. (1:15:12 min, 35.3 MB)
Kevin and Adam take to the road and are hosted by our friendly rival podcasters Around The Bloc for some Indian food and lively debate. Expect an A-League Curry XI, FFA rants and cricket metaphors... it's our Piova-curry/Geoffrey Boycott special!

Episode #220 (8 Dec 2015): 442 FM 11.10: Where now? (1:13:18 min, 68.7 MB)
After the fans boycotted this week's round of the A-League, where to now for both the FFA and fans? How can anyone defuse this explosive situation? Outspoken fan Ben Clark - Scouse Roar on Twitter - joins us in the pod to discuss...

Episode #219 (2 Dec 2015): 442 FM 11.09: Boycott! (1:09:15 min, 64.9 MB)
With the A-League plunged into its worst crisis in its history, the pod crew analyse how we got here, what the FFA needs to say and do to get us out of it - and where to next for fans. Plus some bonus football chat too!

Episode #218 (25 Nov 2015): 442 FM 11.08: "Just like terrorists..." (1:03:26 min, 59.5 MB)
The podcast crew tackle the Telegraph's vile Name and Shame Campaign - and Alan Jones's appalling comments in the aftermath.

Episode #217 (19 Nov 2015): 442 FM 11.07: Socceroos special (1:10:08 min, 65.8 MB)
It's been a huge week for the Socceroos and Australian football, and the boys on the pod have been there every step of the way (well, most of the steps...!) Check out this green and gold-tinged mix of nostalgia and look to the future...

Episode #216 (10 Nov 2015): 442 FM 11.06: Gouging Final Fans (1:04:37 min, 60.6 MB)
The boys rip into the pricing plan for the FFA Cup Final which saw the stadium only half-full - despite last minute freebies - for the showpiece. Plus boring, boring Sydney…but they lead the league, and all the other local news.

Episode #215 (3 Nov 2015): 442 FM 11.05: The Breakfast Show (1:13:54 min, 69.3 MB)
The boys are up bright and early for a special early edition of the podcast thanks to the Melbourne Cup and the time difference with the UK, but still manage to cover the EPL rights going to Optus and review of the weekend and preview of the FFA Cup Final.

Episode #214 (28 Oct 2015): 442 FM 11.04: Lustrous Chest Hair (1:15:56 min, 71.2 MB)
It's all tops off for the Phoenix in the broom cupboard as the boys dissect the decision to effectively bring the curtain down on Wellington Phoenix, plus we analyse the rest of the A-League news from a packed derby day weekend!

Episode #213 (21 Oct 2015): 442 FM 11.03: FACE/OFF (54:16 min, 50.9 MB)
It's a battle between who feels rougher - our boys after their big weekend or boot to the face Birra? As Smeltz's shoelace surgery claims another victim, we ask should we blame the game, or the player?

Episode #212 (14 Oct 2015): 442 FM 11.02: DON'T MENTION THE PORN! (1:22:40 min, 77.5 MB)
The studio is jam-packed with porn references and 442ers today as Perth-based reporter Ben Somerford joins us in person and Con's back with Adam and Kev, while Johnny checks in from the UK to give us a Roos review on that bad night in Jordan.

Episode #211 (08 Oct 2015): 442 FM 11.01: TUMULTUOUS - Fixed (1:25:43 min, 80.4 MB)
We're back for the new season and it's getting TUMULTUOUS in the broom cupboard before a ball has even been kicked, as Adam and Kev are joined by Shaun Mooney, co-author of the new book on the first 10 years of the A-League. They preview each club's chances, and John Davidson joins us live from Amman to look at tonight's Socceroos World Cup qualifier with Jordan.

Episode #210 (26 Jun 2015): 442 FM 10.25: MATILDAS SPECIAL! (1:16:33 min, 71.8 MB)
We celebrate the Matildas' achievement at the Women's World Cup with special guest Sally Shipard as we look back the tournament so far and look ahead to Sunday mornings crucial clash with Japan.

Episode #209 (20 May 2015): 442 FM 10.24: A Grand Finale (1:18:43 min, 73.8 MB)
The boys end the season on a high with special guest Ann Odong, editor of The Women's Game, to pick the bones of the grand final and look forward to the Matildas at next month's Women's World Cup.

Episode #208 (13 May 2015): 442 FM 10.23: Biggest Blue Blockbuster! (1:10:07 min, 65.7 MB)
The boys get Grand Final fever with chats to Josep Gombau, Arnie, Brosque, Bernie Ibini and Kiki Naumoff as they dissect the weekend's semis and look forward to Sunday's Biggest Blue Blockbuster!

Episode #207 (7 May 2015): 442 FM 10.22: And then there were 4.... (1:03:53 min, 29.9 MB)
FFT regulars, Adam, Kev and Con, are joined by John Davidson to tackle the action from the first week of finals. Plus chat with Craig Goodwin and Rhyan Grant.

Episode #206 (29 Apr 2015): 442 FM 10.21: Premiers' Pepperspray Podcast (1:25:52 min, 80.5 MB)
The boys are joined by John Davidson in the UK as we pick apart the final round of the season before the finals begin...

Episode #205 (23 Apr 2015): 442 FM 10.20: It's the finals countdown (1:20:19 min, 75.3 MB)
Where we all get a little excited by the looking forward to the finals and speak a little too loud. Thankfully Sydney FC's Bernie Ibini joins us as the goalscoring voice of quiet reason.

Episode #204 (15 Apr 2015): 442 FM 10.19: Salary Crap (1:16:04 min, 35.7 MB)
Tim 'the tactics man' Palmer is back for a cameo as he joins Adam and Con to dissect the weekends action and Perth Glory salary cap woes. Also chats with Les Murray, Alex Brosque and Santo Cilauro.

Episode #203 (8 Apr 2015): 442 FM 10.18: Gloriou$ Perth? (1:21:23 min, 76.3 MB)
On the pod this week, we look at Perth's alleged salary cap rort and consider why perhaps they should escape any punishment - but also why a $100,000 fine and 15 point deduction may not derail their season...

Episode #202 (1 Apr 2015): 442 FM 10.17: SOCCEROOS SPECIAL (1:11:02 min, 66.6 MB)
John Davidson joins by FaceTime from the UK to dissect the Socceroos performances against Germany (yay!) and FYR Macedonia (zzz!). Plus our regular A-League round up, and Kev sits too close to the mic for the first few minutes.

Episode #201 (26 Mar 2015): 442 FM 10.16: ROOS SORRY NOW??! (1:20:42 min, 37.8 MB)
Listen as the pod team get the result of this morning's Germany-Socceroos game hopelessly wrong. Also we chat to Marcelo Carrusca and Roy Krishna, plus we broadcast IN STEREO with a brand new mic!

Episode #200 (11 Mar 2015): 442 FM 10.15: Tight at the Top from HAL Round 20 (1:09:53 min, 32.8 MB)
The Pod-Father, Kevin Airs, returns and adds a welcomed third wheel to the awkward Adam/Con man-date dynamic. Expect gushing praise of all the top 5 plus we chat to Nathan Burns. It's a ripper!

Episode #199 (5 Mar 2015): 442 FM 10.14: Goals, Goals and... Jets v Mariners from HAL Round 19 (1:02:17 min, 29.2 MB)
Still feeling the wrath of Tinkler's sacking policy, the FFT FM team, of just Adam and Con, rant about football and chat to Sydney FC's derby winning goalscorer Terry Antonis.

Episode #198 (26 Feb 2015): 442 FM 10.13: Last minute goals galore from HAL Round 18 (1:00:23 min, 28.3 MB)
A Jets-like depleted FFT FM team, of Adam and Con, talk rain, goals and attendances plus an interview with Sydney FC’s Shane Smeltz.

Episode #197 (11 Feb 2015): 442 FM 10.12: Surprises all round for HAL Round 16 (1:07:37 min, 31.7 MB)
The FFT FM boys chat A-League upsets, the signs of a resurgent youthful Jets and Poppa reverting to old-school Wanderers tactics.

Episode #196 (4 Feb 2015): 442 FM 10.11: Asian Cup Farewell (1:22:13 min, 38.5 MB)
FFT Asian Cup coverage begrudgingly comes to a close, the boys console each other and look to worrying to their LAAC [Life After Asian Cup]. Celebrating our glorious win and talking A-League. Expect plenty of Queen...

Episode #195 (29 Jan 2015): 442 FM 10.10: Asian Cup Special Part 3 (1:20:54 min, 37.9 MB)
The FFT FM boys talk Asian Cup, A-League, exchange players numbers and look to fire Timmy Cahill for a second consecutive week. Go Socceroos!

Episode #194 (22 Jan 2015): 442 FM 10.9: Asian Cup Special Part 2 (1:10:06 min, 32.9 MB)
FFT Asian Cup coverage continues, without editor Kevin Airs but recent January transfer window signing Con Stamocostas is back. Profiling the group stages and looking ahead to the business end... Enjoy!

Episode #193 (15 Jan 2015): 442 FM 10.8: Asian Cup special (1:30:52 min, 42.6 MB)
The boys are joined by FourFourTwo journos John Davidson and Con Stamocostas as they celebrate the return of it being fun to watch the Socceroos again! Oh, and the rest of the Asian Cup too... it's a whopper!

Episode #192 (17 Dec 2014): 442 FM 10.7: Xmas special! (1:08:54 min, 32.3 MB)
We speak one on one with Perth Glory boss Kenny Lowe and the mouthiest fullback in the A-League, Scott Jamieson in another packed edition of our pod…get on it!

Episode #191 (3 Dec 2014): 442 FM 10.6: DERBY FEVER (1:12:31 min, 34 MB)
It was red mist at Wanderland while the Reds missed their chances against Melbourne Victory at AAMI Park - the boys pick it all apart. Plus tips holocaust.

Episode #190 (26 Nov 2014): 442 FM 10.5: TIP TOP POD (1:11:25 min, 33.5 MB)
Join TIPPING SENSATION Kevin Airs and Co as they mull over Mike Mulvey's sudden exit and rue the latest Socceroos outing.

Episode #189 (19 Nov 2014): 442 FM 10.4: Still Got the Blues (1:05:18 min, 31.6 MB)
This week the boys bicker over their tipping, bemoan the Jets but question the Roar revival - and see similar problems ahead for Wanderers...

Episode #188 (12 Nov 2014): 442 FM 10.3: Podcast is back (again!) (1:05:18 min, 30.6 MB)
Short-lived Glory, Wanderers wonderful one minute, woeful the next, and the clash of the titans - Jets v Roar. Oh and the Socceroos... just some of the topics in the latest 442FM.

Episode #187 (23 Oct 2014): 442 FM 10.2: Derby dum-dums... (1:17:18 min, 72.5 MB)
A derby that had everything bar Godzilla, at least one too many Reds at the Sydney v Adelaide FFA Cup clash and we even send off one of our own podcast crew midway through recording. Don’t miss 442FM this week.

Episode #186 (16 Oct 2014): 442 FM 10.1: Season 10 is go! And... we're back! (1:11:12 min, 133.5 MB)
442FM is BACK! After an overlong break, the pod is back in town - catch up with new host Adam Jackson and our panel of Kevin Airs, Tim Palmer and Cronan Yu as they dissect the opening round of the new A-League season…and the wayward fortunes of the Socceroos.

Episode #185 (20 Nov 2013): 442 FM Episode 7: Socceroos and A-League (1:05:55 min, 92.7 MB)
The Socceroos era is off and running and we dissect the new era under Ange + the A-League in review and preview

Episode #184 (13 Nov 2013): 442 FM Episode 6: A-League and Socceroos (57:15 min, 80.5 MB)
Is David Gallop Noel Gallagher? Are Heart really that rubbish? And we hear from the Socceroos and guest journo Josh Bennett from Newcastle

Episode #183 (6 Nov 2013): 442 FM Episode 5: A-League and Socceroos (51:40 min, 72.7 MB)
Ange's first Socceroo squad? Adelaide's stylish rise, the F3 cracker and Sydney's woes? All this and more

Episode #182 (31 Oct 2013): 442 FM Episode 4: A-League and Socceroos (53:14 min, 49.9 MB)
The Socceroos new coach and the latest views and news from the A-League

Episode #181 (24 Oct 2013): 442 FM Episode 3: A-League and Socceroos analysis (53:33 min, 75.3 MB)
A HUGE week of football news as the boys delve into the big issues and review and preview the A-League.

Episode #180 (16 Oct 2013): 442 FM Episode 2: A-League and Socceroos (1:22:23 min, 82.8 MB)
The boys discuss the A-League and Socceroos. Guest Lucy Zelic from Thursday FC gives us her take and we hear from Gary Van Egmond and Frank Farina.

Episode #179 (09 Oct 2013): 442 FM Episode 1: A-League and Socceroos (53:17 min, 75 MB)
The boys preview the new season, speak to David Zdrilic, Ernie Merrick, Josh Brillante and the fans plus more.

Episode #178 (24 Apr 2013): A-League Grand Final Wrap Podcast with special guests (54:41 min, 12.8 MB)
The boys are joined by Fox Sports favourite "The Bearded Mariner" in the final show of the season.

Episode #177 (17 Apr 2013): A-League Grand Final Eve Special 442 Podcast (57:58 min, 13.6 MB)
Featuring Wanderers and Central Coast fans + the team tell you who's going to win and why

Episode #176 (10 Apr 2013): 442's A-League Finals Special (1:10:48 min, 16.6 MB)
The boys review the Elimination Finals and preview the two big Semi Finals.

Episode #175 (3 Apr 2013): 442's A-League Finals Special (1:04:08 min, 15 MB)
The boys review the Wanderers Premiership and look ahead to the Elimination Finals

Episode #174 (27 Mar 2013): 442's Socceroo and A-League Special (1:14:13 min, 17.4 MB)
A massive podcast featuring Wanderers favourite Jerrad Tyson and Fox Sports Adam Peacock as the team analyse the Socceroos' Oman shocker and the A-League. Don't miss this!

Episode #173 (20 Mar 2013): 442 Football Podcast (58:34 min, 13.7 MB)
The boys debate the A-League and Socceroo squad for next week’s crucial World Cup qualifier

Episode #172 (14 Mar 2013): Socceroos and A-League show (57:22 min, 13.4 MB)
The boys Jacko, Aido and Kev are back to discuss and analyse the latest in Australian football and are joined by talented teenage Matilda Caitlin Foord who reveals all about her New York plans

Episode #171 (6 Mar 2013): A-League with 442 (53:32 min, 12.5 MB)
Kev and Aido delve into this week's latest in the A-League

Episode #170 (27 Feb 2013): 442 A-League Podcast (1:15:54 min, 17.8 MB)
The boys delve into a massive week of news in the world of football plus preview this week's round of A-League - including the blockbuster at Bluetongue

Episode #169 (20 Feb 2013): 442 A-League Podcast (1:03:07 min, 14.8 MB)
Debating the big issues in the A-League with the brains trust behind 442 magazine

Episode #168 (13 Feb 2013): 442 A-League Podcast (1:11:48 min, 16.8 MB)
The boys debate the latest news with the Socceroos and A-League

Episode #167 (6 Feb 2013): Bumper 442 Insider Podcast on A-League and Socceroos (1:15:36 min, 17.7 MB)
The 442 boys are joined by journalist Matt Warren to discuss the latest in the A-League, player bans and Socceroo squads.

Episode #166 (30 Jan 2013): 442's A-League and W-League Grand Final Special (1:16:52 min, 18 MB)
The boys are joined by Sydney FC's grand final star Chloe Logarzo for a cracking hour of stories, insights and banter on A-League and W-League

Episode #165 (23 Jan 2013): 442's A-League and W-League Grand Final Podcast (1:18:58 min, 18.5 MB)
The 442 boys are joined by ABC TV's W-League guru Stephanie Brantz to discuss the weekend W-League finals and the A-League.

Episode #164 (16 Jan 2013): 442 Insider Podcast (1:08:28 min, 16 MB)
The 442 boys analyse the latest happenings in the A-League

Episode #163 (9 Jan 2013): 442 Oz Football Podcast (1:10:37 min, 16.6 MB)
For show 1 of 2013, the boys Jacko, Aido and Kev are joined by globetrotting football media star Ben Coonan for a review of all the A-League action over the break and a look ahead to round 16.

Episode #162 (20 Dec 2012): 442 Christmas Podcast (1:06:28 min, 15.6 MB)
A-League reviewed as the boys reflect on 2012

Episode #161 (13 Dec 2012): 442 Podcast Banter On A-League And Socceroos (1:05:25 min, 15.3 MB)
The boys debate the merits of the Socceroos' win in Honkers and the A-League’s latest news

Episode #160 (6 Dec 2012): 442 A-League And Socceroos' Podcast (1:19:23 min, 18.6 MB)
The Socceroos stinker in Honkers debated plus A-League preview and review: special guest former Sydney FC Socceroo Mark Robertson

Episode #159 (29 Nov 2012): 442 A-League and Socceroo Podcast (1:03:33 min, 14.9 MB)
The boys discuss the latest round in the A-League, preview this weekend's games and discuss the new Socceroo squad

Episode #158 (22 Nov 2012): 442 Podcast (50:17 min, 11.8 MB)
The 442 boys discuss the A-League and the Socceroos

Episode #157 (15 Nov 2012): 442 Podcast featuring Mark Rudan (1:46:40 min, 25 MB)
The boys are joined by Fox Sports football pundit and former Sydney FC great Mark Rudan to discuss the news of the week

Episode #156 (8 Nov 2012): The A-League and Socceroos Podcast With Branko Culina (1:28:02 min, 20.6 MB)
The 442 boys are joined by former Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets boss Branko Culina as they debate the Socceroos and A-League.

Episode #155 (1 Nov 2012): 442 A-League and Socceroo Podcast Featuring Anthony Crea (1:20:54 min, 19 MB)
The boys are joined by fitness coach to the stars, Anthony Crea.

Episode #154 (25 Oct 2012): The A-League and Socceroos Podcast With Adam Peacock (1:02:53 min, 14.7 MB)
The 442 boys are joined by Fox Sports presenter Adam Peacock as they pick their Socceroos side for the Korea game. The A-League is also put under the microscope.

Episode #153 (18 Oct 2012): The 442 W-League, A-League and Socceroos Podcast (1:23:03 min, 19.5 MB)
The 442 boys are joined by legendary striker Sarah Walsh as fireworks are tipped for the A-League and the W-League while the Socceroos are put under the microscope.

Episode #152 (11 Oct 2012): The A-League and Premiership Pod (1:06:33 min, 15.6 MB)
The 442 boys make some stunning predictions about the Premier League and review round one of the A-League and look ahead to this weekend's round two.

Episode #151 (4 Oct 2012): A-League Is Back Pod (1:14:29 min, 17.5 MB)
The 442 boys are back for their opening Pod of the season - and it's a bumper show as they pick over an extraordinary few months in the A-League. Del Piero may be mentioned.

Episode #150 (29 Jun 2012): Euros Final Preview Podcast (1:04:34 min, 15.1 MB)
The lads discuss the quarters, semis and preview Monday morning's Euros final between Italy and Spain

Episode #149 (20 Jun 2012): 442's Euros Special Podcast (59:26 min, 13.9 MB)
The boys debate the group stages, explain why Holland were so bad and preview the upcoming quarter-finals at Euro 2012

Episode #148 (4 Jun 2012): Euros 2012 Preview Podcast (1:09:41 min, 16.3 MB)
Jacko, Aido and Kev dissect the four groups ahead of the Euros kick-off later this week.

Episode #147 (26 Apr 2012): The Final Podcast (1:09:20 min, 16.3 MB)
Controversy, drama, maybe even a bit of bloodshed - and that's just the podcast. We break down the A-League thrilling Grand Final in the final podcast of the season.

Episode #146 (19 Apr 2012): Grand Final Special (1:00:26 min, 14.2 MB)
Will it end in Glory Glory or a Roaring success? Find out what the boys think in this week's Grand Final Special

Episode #145 (12 Apr 2012): Jets Grounded (55:40 min, 13 MB)
Another week, another club crisis as Nathan Tinkler pulls the plug on Newcastle, while the boys also look at the massive games on this weekend, plus a wrap up of the A-League Awards

Episode #144 (5 Apr 2012): Wild wild about West (53:24 min, 12.5 MB)
The boys look at the A-league's newest club, and the demise of Gold Coast United

Episode #143 (30 Mar 2012): Finals Fever! (50:19 min, 11.8 MB)
We're down to the pointy end (according to the dubious FFA ads) and this week, we assess how the A-League finals will play out, plus UCL and EPL.

Episode #142 (22 Mar 2012): Reaching a Climax! (1:02:31 min, 14.7 MB)
The A-League Premiership goes to the wire this weekend as the boys eye up a huge weekend ahead.

Episode #141 (15 Mar 2012): Who Will Top The Table? (1:16:23 min, 17.9 MB)
This week's pod looks at the A-League title race to see if Brisbane can catch the stumbling Mariners.

Episode #140 (8 Mar 2012): Aussie ACL Mixed Bag (53:34 min, 12.6 MB)
This week's pod looks at the fortunes of our three A-League teams in their opening ACL group stage games.

Episode #139 (1 Mar 2012): GCU Gone, ACL Coming (1:02:20 min, 14.6 MB)
This week's pod looks at the demise of Clive Palmer's Gold Coast United, while we preview the Socceroos' win and the pending start of the ACL group stages

Episode #138 (23 Feb 2012): Gold Coast Madness: Part 2! (59:04 min, 13.8 MB)
This week's pod again charts events at Gold Coast United, where coach Miron has left and owner Clive Palmer is on the war path!

Episode #137 (16 Feb 2012): Gold Coast Meltdown (40:54 min, 9.6 MB)
This week's pod charts the breaking news at Gold Coast United, where a 17 year old debutant will captain a side where the coach is suspended!

Episode #136 (9 Feb 2012): Rise Of The Underdogs (1:00:41 min, 14.2 MB)
This week's pod charts the home-run A-League surges of Wellington, Perth and Newcastle.

Episode #135 (2 Feb 2012): The Finals Hunters (55:23 min, 13 MB)
This week's pod asks who will make the six and whether defeat in the Melbourne derby will push Victory to the brink of elimination.

Episode #134 (25 Jan 2012): Cooking Up A Legend (1:13:11 min, 17.2 MB)
Chelsea legend, 1970 FA Cup winner and Coerver Coaching co-founder Charlie Cooke joins this week's pod to discuss the state of football today.

Episode #133 (19 Jan 2012): Mariners Establish New Order (57:56 min, 13.6 MB)
This week's pod looks at the Mariners table-topping form, Sydney's last-gasp heartbreaks and Slater vs Foster

Episode #132 (12 Jan 2012): New Coaches, Asian Exoduses (59:54 min, 14 MB)
The first podcast of 2012 looks at the new coaches at Victory and Adelaide, plus more Aussies heading off to Asia

Episode #131 (15 Dec 2011): The Best Of 2011 (57:35 min, 13.5 MB)
This week's podcast looks at Brisbane Roar's three-match losing streak, our highlights of 2011 and our hopes for 2012

Episode #130 (8 Dec 2011): Like A Broken Record (1:02:16 min, 14.6 MB)
This week's podcast looks at how Sydney stopped record-breaking Brisbane Roar, the Smith report and a bad night for Manchester in the Champions League

Episode #129 (1 Dec 2011): The Race For Second (56:27 min, 13.2 MB)
This week’s podcast reviews Week Eight of the A-League, as the contenders try to catch record-breaking Brisbane Roar

Episode #128 (24 Nov 2011): Victory: Club in crisis? (1:08:20 min, 16 MB)
This week's podcast reviews a very busy week in the A-League and especially at Melbourne Victory.

Episode #127 (17 Nov 2011): Roos Progress... Just! (46:40 min, 10.9 MB)
This week's podcast reviews the Socceroos loss to Oman and narrow win over Thailand as we progress to the next round of qualification for Brazil 2014.

Episode #126 (11 Nov 2011): When Controversy Ensues (56:59 min, 13.4 MB)
This week's podcast reviews a week of controversy, including dubious last-minute penalties, extra FFA bans and a Twitter-based outrage.

Episode #125 (2 Nov 2011): Roar's Magnificent Seven (48:23 min, 11.3 MB)
This week's podcast is dedicated to the Roar's 7-1 demolition of Adelaide as Round Four had a familiar feel to it.

Episode #124 (27 Oct 2011): Silencing The Roar (58:11 min, 13.6 MB)
This week's podcast looks at Round Three of the A-League. As Champions Brisbane charge on we ask if they can be stopped in Round Four?

Episode #123 (20 Oct 2011): Melancholy Melbourne (59:22 min, 13.9 MB)
This week's podcast reviews Round Two of the A-League, where the Melbourne sides continued to disappoint, while we also look at the best of the local news, EPL and Champions League.

Episode #122 (13 Oct 2011): Roos Romp, A-League Returns (59:56 min, 14.1 MB)
This week's podcast covers two convincing Socceroos wins, Euro 2012 qualification, EPL analysis plus an A-League Round One review and Round Two preview.

Episode #121 (6 Oct 2011): The Socceroos Take Over! (46:54 min, 11 MB)
This week's very special podcast sees us joined by four Socceroos answering your questions - Josh Kennedy, Rhys Williams, Matthew Spiranovic and James Troisi.

Episode #120 (29 Sep 2011): Our A-League season preview (1:16:59 min, 18 MB)
This week's podcast analyses every A-League side and what we can expect from each of them ahead of the new season kicking off next month.

Episode #119 (23 Sep 2011): Is our future bright? (56:58 min, 13.4 MB)
This week's podcast assesses the recent efforts of the Olyroos and Joeys, and asks if we are heading in the right direction?

Episode #118 (15 Sep 2011): Inside Real Madrid (1:19:10 min, 18.6 MB)
This week's bumper podcast features very special guest - Real Madrid TV presenter Kay Murray - who lets us know what Beckham, Ronaldo and Jose are really like!

Episode #117 (8 Sep 2011): Road To Rio Begins (54:50 min, 12.9 MB)
The pod crew discusses the Socceroos gaining maximum points from their opening two World Cup 2014 qualification games.

Episode #116 (1 Sep 2011): Deadline Deals Dissected (57:16 min, 13.4 MB)
This week's pod looks at those last minute transfer deals in Europe, the third week of the EPL, plus the upcoming World Cup 2014 and Euro 2012 qualifiers.

Episode #115 (25 Aug 2011): Return of the Roos (53:33 min, 12.6 MB)
This week the lads discuss the significance of Harry Kewell joining Melbourne Victory and Brett Emerton moving to Sydney (we assume!).

Episode #114 (16 Aug 2011): Matildas Join The Insider! (1:03:35 min, 14.9 MB)
Matildas Sarah Walsh and FIFA World Cup 2011 Best Young Player Caitlin Foord join the pod to discuss the tournament in Germany and Olympics qualification.

Episode #113 (11 Aug 2011): Slaying The Dragons (1:07:03 min, 15.7 MB)
Fox Sports' Adam Peacock joins the pod squad to discuss the Socceroos beating Wales, the Young Socceroos failing at the U20 World Cup and the upcoming first weekend of EPL action.

Episode #112 (4 Aug 2011): Our World Cup Thais (48:53 min, 11.5 MB)
This week's pod looks at the Socceroos' first World Cup qualification group, the U20 World Cup and a full preview of the upcoming EPL season

Episode #111 (28 Jul 2011): The Road To The World Cup Begins (Again!) (49:15 min, 11.5 MB)
This week's podcast is an almond croissant of three halves as Andy Jackson is joined by Kevin Airs to mix metaphors and discuss Australia's World Cup trail and all the other latest news.

Episode #110 (21 Jul 2011): "Are You Blind, Ref!" (50:54 min, 11.9 MB)
This week's pod looks at the latest A-League and global news, plus reviews talk of A-League coverage including the broadcast of the officials' on-pitch discussions

Episode #109 (14 Jul 2011): Did The Matildas Fail? (51:45 min, 12.1 MB)
The pod crew risks the wrath of the Australian football community by lambasting the Matildas' World Cup campaign!

Episode #108 (7 Jul 2011): Doing The Quarters Waltz (57:34 min, 13.5 MB)
The pod squad returns to discuss the Matildas making the World Cup quarters and what next for Australia's youth development?

Episode #107 (16 Jun 2011): Our Perfect Marquee (56:26 min, 13.2 MB)
The pod squad discusses Mateja Kezman coming to the A-League and which marquees we would like to see arrive

Episode #106 (9 Jun 2011): Inside The Matildas Camp (1:10:40 min, 16.6 MB)
Matildas assistant coach Spencer Prior joins the pod squad to give us the inside track on the Matildas World Cup squad and their hopes for this month's tournament

Episode #105 (2 Jun 2011): Barca Good, FIFA Bad (55:21 min, 13 MB)
This week the pod crew pours further praise on that amazing Barca team in the wake of their Champions League masterclass and assess the dodgy deals at FIFA

Episode #104 (27 May 2011): Barca or United? (1:04:46 min, 30.4 MB)
The pod crew are joined by special guest Adam Peacock from Fox Sports as we preview the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United

Episode #103 (19 May 2011): Manchester's Day Of Glory (57:16 min, 53.7 MB)
The pod crew discusses United's 19th title, City's first trophy in 35 years, plus a tough draw for the Joeys and losing the A-League's best player on a free

Episode #102 (12 May 2011): What Aussie Fans Really Think (59:44 min, 14 MB)
This week's pod assesses our 2011 Fans' Census, where you had your say on the A-League, free-to-air football rights, hooliganism, plus Ben Buckley and the FFA

Episode #101 (5 May 2011): UCL's Dream Final? (53:36 min, 12.6 MB)
This week's pod looks at the UCL semi-finals, more Aussie disappointment in the ACL and why Scottish coaches are so good?!

Episode #100 (28 Apr 2011): Mourinho's Mighty Motor Mouth (54:06 min, 12.7 MB)
The pod squad look at the feisty Champions League El Clásico and Mourinho's post-match outburst, plus the government's review of Australian football.

Episode #99 (21 Apr 2011): Back from the dead... (1:01:36 min, 14.4 MB)
It's been the week of the Aussie comeback in the Asian Champions League after Sydney and Victory looked down and out... only to pull vital wins out of the bag when they needed them most to breathe new life into their campaigns. This week on the FourFourTwo Insider podcast we look at what lies behind the revival of local hopes, plus dissect the unravelling of Arsenal season - again - and consider who's going up, who's going down and what will happen to Ian Holloway. All this plus Celtic, new signings, Jose Mourinho, BarrrrrthelonA!, Trev's paternal status, and trivia quiz over-optimism plus more more more.

Episode #98 (14 Apr 2011): All Change At Victory (49:37 min, 46.5 MB)
The pod crew discuss the overhaul at Melbourne Victory, four El Clasicos in 17 days, more Aussie failure in the ACL and the UCL quarter-finals.

Episode #97 (7 Apr 2011): European [Foregone] Conclusions (51:10 min, 12 MB)
The pod crew discuss the runaway victors in the UEFA Champions League first-legs, Sydney and Melbourne in the ACL, plus Roy Keane holidaying/job hunting?

Episode #96 (31 Mar 2011): What Beating Germany Means (53:42 min, 50.4 MB)
The pod squad dissects the Socceroos' historic win in Germany and asks how important the result is for Australian football

Episode #95 (25 Mar 2011): Gaining German Revenge (1:01:12 min, 14.3 MB)
This week the lads discuss the best of the A-League and international news, alongside previewing the Socceroos rematch with Germany

Episode #94 (17 Mar 2011): V6: The Good, Bad & Ugly (1:02:40 min, 14.7 MB)
This week an extended pod crew reviews the quite amazing Grand Final and assesses what has been the good, bad and ugly from Season Six of the A-League

Episode #93 (10 Mar 2011): It's Grand Final Time! (54:02 min, 12.7 MB)
With the finale of the A-League season upon us, the pod squad previews the Suncorp showpiece between Brisbane and Central Coast

Episode #92 (3 Mar 2011): The Demise Of Fury (1:15:01 min, 17.6 MB)
Fox Sports' Matchday Saturday host Adam Peacock joins the pod to discuss the price of Grand Final tickets and the downfall of North Queensland Fury

Episode #91 (24 Feb 2011): Battling The Anti-Football Media (1:01:15 min, 14.4 MB)
In the wake of the Herald Sun's recent football fan character assassination, an extended pod crew hits back.

Episode #90 (17 Feb 2011): Finals Fever Sets In (48:51 min, 11.5 MB)
The lads preview the first week of the A-League finals, the last 16 of the Champions League and if Newcastle Jets will pay Michael Owen in thoroughbred horses?!

Episode #89 (10 Feb 2011): Power To The People? (48:28 min, 11.4 MB)
The lads discuss the fans' fury over heavy-handed Melbourne Victory security measures and the potential 'Tinkering' at Newcastle Jets.

Episode #88 (3 Feb 2011): Transfer Madness, Asian Cup Sadness (1:02:22 min, 14.6 MB)
The pod squad assesses the Socceroos' Asian Cup Final loss and some crazy transfer dealings, including if Alex Brosque for $400,000 was the world's best bargain!

Episode #87 (27 Jan 2011): Does Asian Cup Glory Await? (1:12:42 min, 17 MB)
Former EPL star Spencer Prior joins the pod to discuss the Socceroos' 6-0 hammering of Uzbekistan and if we'll beat Japan in the Asian Cup final.

Episode #86 (21 Jan 2011): Will The Socceroos Get A Semi? (52:49 min, 12.4 MB)
This week the lads delve into the Socceroos' Asian Cup progress and preview our chances of beating Iraq in the quarters.

Episode #85 (14 Jan 2011): Review Of 2010, Hopes for 2011 (55:15 min, 13 MB)
The pod squad are joined by online journo Aidan Ormond to look back on 2010, glance towards the year ahead, plus discuss the Asian Cup, A-League, Liverpool and Ballon d'Or.

Episode #84 (16 Dec 2010): Race For The Title (56:54 min, 13.3 MB)
The pod squad discuss the race for the title in both the English Premier League and the A-League. Who will top the table in the end?

Episode #83 (9 Dec 2010): Hill: 'Time For Change' (1:02:45 min, 14.7 MB)
FOX Sports host Simon Hill joins the podcast to discuss our flawed 2022 bid and a need for the A-League to be more aggressive in its pursuit of growth.

Episode #82 (2 Dec 2010): Will We Host 2022? (51:07 min, 12 MB)
A nervous pod squad discusses our chances of landing the rights to host the 2022 World Cup. We also chat the PFA's plans to save the A-League.

Episode #81 (19 Nov 2010): The Nightmare On The Nile (57:19 min, 13.4 MB)
With Trev in Madrid trying to impress Ronaldo with his keepie-uppies PB of five, Jacko is joined in the pod by web wizards Aido and Kev to pick the bones out of the week's action.

Episode #80 (11 Nov 2010): Inside The Future Of Our Game (54:05 min, 12.7 MB)
Fresh from a media roundtable at FFA HQ, the pod lads discuss their views on the issues which will underpin the future of the A-League, including the FFA Cup, marquees, stadiums and cost cutting

Episode #79 (4 Nov 2010): A Peacock Flies By... (1:10:09 min, 16.4 MB)
The pod squad are joined by Matchday Saturday host Adam Peacock to discuss the A-League, Nani's controversial goal, Tottenham's Bale Force and even the death on Packed to the Rafters!

Episode #78 (28 Oct 2010): The Roo Conspiracy Theory (44:56 min, 10.5 MB)
The lads review the best of the two-horse race in the A-League and ask if Rooney is still bound for a high profile exit in January?

Episode #77 (21 Oct 2010): 'Well, If You Want To Get Technical' (50:35 min, 11.9 MB)
In a massive week for football which included Becks coming and Rooney leaving (soon, anyway), we also give you the best of FIFA's 2010 World Cup technical report

Episode #76 (14 Oct 2010): The Marathon Men Keep Going (1:22:09 min, 19.3 MB)
Providing a podcast adversary to Tolstoy's War and Peace, special guest Francis Awaritefe joins our own Andy Jackson and Aidan Ormond to wrong all the rights of Australian football

Episode #75 (7 Oct 2010): Cahill On Paraguay, Everton and Asian Cup (44:54 min, 10.5 MB)
Socceroo star Tim Cahill features in this week's pod, as he tries to get fit for Saturday's Paraguay game and looks ahead to Everton's clash in the Merseyside derby

Episode #74 (30 Sep 2010): Red Mist Descends On A-League (47:31 min, 11.1 MB)
In the wake of a weekend of undermanned (and under-attended) A-League games taking place, the pod crew reviews and previews local matters while taking a peer towards the Socceroos and EPL too.

Episode #73 (23 Sep 2010): Attention FFA: Here's A Few Ideas (49:36 min, 11.6 MB)
In the wake of another week of A-League dramatics, we give a rundown of some viable suggestions that could give the competition a real shot in the arm.

Episode #72 (16 Sep 2010): Why It Isn't All Doom & Gloom (54:58 min, 12.9 MB)
If the last week has made you feel Australian football is on its knees, let the pod squad cheer you up with tales of why our game is alive and kicking

Episode #71 (9 Sep 2010): Footballers As Role Models? (45:18 min, 10.6 MB)
The pod squad discuss Holger's first Socceroo matches, the best of the A-League action and as more controversy breaks from the England camp, asks if footballers should be acting as role models

Episode #70 (2 Sep 2010): Contact? Dive? Penalty? Red Card? Ban? (1:00:27 min, 14.2 MB)
The pod squad discuss the landmark A-League bans for diving to see if the sanction was fair and what it could mean for the future of the game in Australia

Episode #69 (26 Aug 2010): Inside FFA's Future Blueprint (1:00:15 min, 14.1 MB)
The pod crew wavers on the fringe of proper journalism as we return from FFA HQ to unveil details of the skill acquisition program, further details around Holger's appointment and the A-League rule changes that could boost Aussie youth development

Episode #68 (19 Aug 2010): Peacock's View On 'Slate-Gate' (1:17:15 min, 18.1 MB)
Matchday Saturday presenter Adam Peacock joins us to discuss 'Slate-Gate' and his impressions of new Socceroos coach Holger Osieck from their first interview

Episode #67 (12 Aug 2010): Getting To Know 'Holger Who?' (53:54 min, 12.6 MB)
We pick through the CV of our new German leader to dissect if Holger Osieck has the mettle to lead a transitional Socceroos squad

Episode #66 (5 Aug 2010): The A-League Is Back! (1:04:51 min, 15.2 MB)
With World Cup fever cured, we get our teeth stuck into some A-League action with a review of Round 1 and every A-League side ahead of the big kick-off tonight

Episode #65 (29 Jul 2010): Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank (50:02 min, 11.7 MB)
We drag up an old style game show to cast our predictions for the coming season, plus we review the Festival of Football and crowd figures, again (!)

Episode #64 (22 Jul 2010): Lies, Damn Lies and Transfer Rumours (48:07 min, 11.3 MB)
It's time for speculative closed season rumours of A-League and EPL transfers, plus our views on video technology and how to stamp out diving.

Episode #63 (15 Jul 2010): South Africa 2010 In Review (1:08:29 min, 16.1 MB)
Alongside reviewing the Spain-Netherlands final, we reflect on Africa's first ever World Cup by picking out the highs, lows, star performers and biggest disappointments.

Episode #62 (8 Jul 2010): First Time Winners, European Grinners (51:10 min, 12 MB)
We review the World Cup quarters and semis, preview the Netherlands-Spain final and ponder what Craig Johnston has in common with Abe Simpson

Episode #61 (1 Jul 2010): Lessons Learned For Socceroos (50:42 min, 11.9 MB)
The Pod Squad are back from South Africa to discuss the Round of 16, the up-coming quarters, the next Socceroos coach and what we learned from this World Cup experience.

Episode #60 (23 Jun 2010): Frankenstein's Monster Pod (44:53 min, 10.5 MB)
With everyone in South Africa for some reason we've stitched together this week's pod to create an interview-based monster featuring our own Aidan Ormond, former England international Paul Parker, Socceroo Jacob Burns plus the 'Man In The Ball'.

Episode #59 (17 Jun 2010): 'North Korea Beat Brazil' (1:11:33 min, 16.8 MB)
Special guests former Red Star Belgrade player Misha Radovic and former EPL defender Spencer Prior join the pod to dissect every swerving kick of that controversial ball in the World Cup so far.

Episode #58 (10 Jun 2010): Getting Ready For The Germans (56:44 min, 13.3 MB)
The wait is over - the World Cup is here! We discuss losing to USA, trying not to lose against Germany and ask if anyone can stop the stylish Spanish in Group H

Episode #57 (8 Jun 2010): World Cup Special Edition (57:46 min, 13.5 MB)
We've teamed up with adidas to produce a World Cup special edition pod where we highlight importance of speed, look at the best goals scored in the World Cup finals in those famous three stripe boots of adidas, select our all time adidas World Cup XI and list the players to watch in South Africa.

Episode #56 (3 Jun 2010): Matildas Are Asian Champs: "We're Still In Shock!" (49:08 min, 20.2 MB)
The FFT boys are joined by the Matilda's Sally Shipard and the Asian Cup trophy to chat about the women's historic victory

Episode #55 (27 May 2010): Why McDonald's Are Good For You (45:28 min, 10.7 MB)
We discuss Scott McDonald not making the plane to South Africa (he was dropped not late), a tepid Kiwi encounter and move onto Group F in our World Cup group previews. Plus Mr. Dannii Minogue, Kris Smith, joins us to discuss Football Superstar.

Episode #54 (21 May 2010): Will The Dutch End Their Drought? (55:34 min, 13 MB)
We move onto Group E as part of our World Cup previews and assess if the Dutch can finally win the ultimate prize in football.

Episode #53 (13 May 2010): Has Pim Got It Right? (48:16 min, 45.3 MB)
We review Verbeek's preliminary World Cup squad and continue our finals preview by looking at Group D which features global heavyweights Germany and our own Socceroos.

Episode #52 (6 May 2010): Group C: Can USA Shock England? (54:40 min, 51.3 MB)
England may have impressed during qualification, but can a decent USA team or surprise packages Algeria and Slovenia cause an upset? We discuss all that and more in the third installment of our World Cup previews.

Episode #51 (30 Apr 2010): Group B: Can Messi Save Maradona? (47:07 min, 44.2 MB)
In the second of our World Cup group reviews, we discuss Argentina's chances of progressing from a group featuring Nigeria, South Korea and Greece, while we also chat with rising Socceroo Tommy Oar.

Episode #50 (22 Apr 2010): Group A: Will Les Bleus Blow It? (46:13 min, 43.3 MB)
In the first of our World Cup group reviews, we evaluate France, South Africa, Mexico and Uruguay’s chances in Group A, alongside the normal Socceroos, A-League and EPL banter

Episode #49 (15 Apr 2010): Assessing Pim's Problems (54:11 min, 50.8 MB)
The pod team evaluate the Socceroo coach’s World Cup headaches, including back-up keepers, defensive partners, rising stars and which players are fit enough?

Episode #48 (8 Apr 2010): Leckie: 'Pim Pushing Euro Move' (46:46 min, 43.9 MB)
The pod squad speak to Adelaide United rising star Mathew Leckie about moving overseas, plus review the Champions League and latest A-League news

Episode #47 (1 Apr 2010): We Get An Ifill (53:10 min, 49.8 MB)
The pod squad speak with their double FFT award winner Paul Ifill and round-up the Champions League, ACL and European Leagues

Episode #46 (25 Mar 2010): Our 2010 A-League Awards (1:01:29 min, 57.7 MB)
The FFT crew review the 2010 Grand Final, then get all argumentative as they bicker over who wins their end of season gongs and makes their team of the season

Episode #45 (19 Mar 2010): Who Will Win The Grand Final? (52:24 min, 49.1 MB)
The FFT crew speak to Sydney FC’s Terry McFlynn and Melbourne Victory’s Leigh Broxham ahead of the Grand Final and discuss where the season decider will be won and lost

Episode #44 (23 Feb 2010): Who'll Make the Socceroos Starting XI? (20:52 min, 19.6 MB)
The FFT scratch their heads raw coming up with a Socceroos starting XI, review the first week of A-League finals action and react to Australia vs NZ

Episode #43 (18 Feb 2010): Is Our Asian Cup In Doubt? (54:22 min, 51 MB)
The FFT lads discuss if Pim's Socceroos squad is strong enough to make the Asian Cup and then get excited about A-League finals time

Episode #42 (11 Feb 2010): Berger: 'We'll Go For Victory' (54:20 min, 50.9 MB)
The FFT lads catch up with Melbourne Victory's Evan Berger, look at Graham Arnold joining the Mariners and Steve Corica hanging up his boots

Episode #41 (4 Feb 2010): Wilko: 'Miron Went Too Far' (43:58 min, 41.2 MB)
The FFT lads catch up with Mariners' captain Alex Wilkinson after a disappointing season and look at Macca's move to Boro and Melbourne Heart's Transformer badge

Episode #40 (28 Jan 2010): On The Brink Of Victory (48:05 min, 28.2 MB)
The FFT lads are joined by Gold Coast's Bas Van Den Brink to talk about the table-topping Melbourne clash and Andy shows us where his adductor muscle is...

Episode #39 (21 Jan 2010): Let's All Tank The A-League! (51:44 min, 30.3 MB)
The FFT lads break down the A-League finals format, why you might see teams tank games to get sixth spot and discuss a defensive exodus to Japan

Episode #38 (14 Jan 2010): Talking Turkey (1:02:49 min, 36.8 MB)
The FFT lads look at Lucas Neill's move to Turkey and are joined by special guest ex-England defender Paul Parker to chat Fergie hairdryers and the A-League

Episode #37 (7 Jan 2010): Moore is Less (51:14 min, 48 MB)
The FFT lads analyse the Socceroos draw with Kuwait, look at the fallout from Craig Moore's Brisbane Roar exit and preview all this week's A-League clashes

Episode #36 (18 Dec 2009): Our 2009 End Of Year Awards (59:01 min, 55.3 MB)
The FFT lads hand out their 2009 awards, including best goal, team and player. Here's a hint: it rhymes with "Shmernandez"...

Episode #35 (11 Dec 2009): Lucas: 'We'll be right' (49:38 min, 46.5 MB)
This week the FFT lads are joined by Socceroo captain Lucas Neill to chat about the World Cup draw and our chances of making the Round of 16

Episode #34 (4 Dec 2009): FIXED Eugene: 'We Can Still Make The Finals' (56:17 min, 50.9 MB)
The FFT lads chat to Adelaide keeper Eugene Galekovic about Adelaide's disppointing season, as well as looking at the World Cup draw and Nicole Kidman's eyebrow.**UPDATE** Apologies for those of you who downloaded the podcast yesterday. As you will have heard we had a few issues and you got last week's show again. This has now been fixed and the spanking new Insider is there for your aural delight. Sorry!

Episode #33 (26 Nov 2009): Miron Ended My Career (1:06:38 min, 62.5 MB)
The FourFourTwo chat with ex-Roar captain Chad Gibson about being an A-League posterboy, the pressure of being a captain and Miron ending his career.

Episode #32 (19 Nov 2009): Ireland fall to 'Hand of Frog' (54:31 min, 51.1 MB)
The FFT lads discuss all the World Cup qualifying action and the Socceroos lucky escape in Oman

Episode #31 (12 Nov 2009): Will Ronald be the only McDonald in South Africa? (1:05:03 min, 61 MB)
This week the FFT boys discuss the World Cup playoffs, Scott McDonald's fading South Africa chances and chat with Fox Sports' commentator Brenton Speed

Episode #30 (06 Nov 2009): And The Winner Is... (54:28 min, 31.9 MB)
This week the FourFourTwo lads hand out their half term awards for best player, team, coach and much more at the halfway point of the A-League season.

Episode #29 (30 Oct 2009): The A-League's Half Term Report (1:02:52 min, 36.8 MB)
The FFT lads dish out their grades for the (almost) halfway point of the A-League season. Who's top of the class and who's standing in the corner with a red-raw botty...?

Episode #28 (23 Oct 2009): Scoring With Inflatable Products (57:06 min, 33.5 MB)
The FFT boys discuss Gold Coast crowds, Liverpools demise and scoring with inflatables.

Episode #27 (16 Oct 2009): Drinking Kills Poding Skills (54:41 min, 51.3 MB)
This week, the FourFourTwo lads discuss the goal shy Socceroos, dropping A-League ticket prices, is Heart the worst A-League name ever, and muse if departed Roar coach Frank Farina is hot or not!

Episode #26 (08 Oct 2009): Socceroos Are Pants. Or Not Actually. (1:01:38 min, 57.8 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads on Brisbane bullies, beating the Dutch, Brett Holman’s popularity and Socceroos not wearing underpants! Includes exclusive interview with Socceroo Luke Wilkshire.

Episode #25 (01 Oct 2009): "Hello! Is Anybody Out There?" (59:20 min, 55.6 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads discuss where all the fans are hiding, the Young Socceroos losing again and why Shane Smeltz will score a shedload because no Kiwi will tackle him.

Episode #24 (25 Sep 2009): A-League Serving Community Service (42:38 min, 20 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads are joined by Brendan Renaud, community football manager at Sydney FC to discuss grassroots football, Socceroos in the Middle-East and Branko's outburst.

Episode #23 (18 Sep 2009): We Grill The Hill (1:02:32 min, 58.6 MB)
The FFT lads are joined by Fox Sports' Simon Hill to chat Young Socceroos, Victory's problems and the return of Mark Viduka

Episode #22 (11 Sep 2009): Less Guests, More Chat! (59:46 min, 56 MB)
It's a diet podcast this week as Paul and Trev chat Young Socceroos, Danny Allsopp, Macca to the EPL and catch up with The Age's Michael Lynch

Episode #21 (4 Sep 2009): Is Lucas's CV Really That Bad? (57:33 min, 54 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads preview the Socceroos vs Korea friendly, discuss Ernie's job security and wonder why our country's captain still doesn't have a job...

Episode #20 (28 Aug 2009): Will A Socceroo Striker Ever Score? (54:19 min, 50.9 MB)
The FFT lads discuss Australia's frontmen problems, Lawrie's tactics and Carney's clogs

Episode #19 (21 Aug 2009): Will Smeltz or Fowler Go First? (56:12 min, 52.7 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads look back at a fantastic round of A-League action and wonder whether Gold Coast can keep Shane Smeltz

Episode #18 (14 Aug 2009): Cahill: Two Be Sure! (45:06 min, 42.3 MB)
The FFT Boys look at the Socceroos impressive 3-0 win over Ireland and preview Round Two of the A-League

Episode #17 (6 Aug 2009): The Big Kick-Off: The A-League Preview Show (1:11:41 min, 67.2 MB)
The FFT boys are joined by Spencer Prior to give their thoughts, analysis and predictions for the start of the A-League season.

Episode #16 (31 Jul 2009): Robbie Fowler + David Williams = Robbie Williams (59:04 min, 55.4 MB)
The FFT lads chat about the week's Australian football news, crap kits, Diana Ross and play word games

Episode #15 (24 Jul 2009): Crowds That Make You Say Boo (54:39 min, 51.2 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads are joined by former Socceroo and Sydney FC striker David Zdrilic to discuss the Football Superstar winner, Wellington's new front two, if Arsenal will stay in the EPL's top four, if fans have a right to boo their own players and what Mr. Zdrilic has been up to since leaving the A-League

Episode #14 (17 Jul 2009): Getting In A Flutter Over The A-League (48:15 min, 45.2 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads are joined by former Socceroo and SBS pundit Francis Awaritefe to discuss the betting odds on the coming A-League season, if this is as good as it gets for Australian football and the Johnny Warren Football Foundation

Episode #13 (10 Jul 2009): The Big Issues Facing The A-League This Season (50:40 min, 47.5 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads discuss the major issues facing the A-League for the coming season

Episode #12 (3 Jul 2009): You're better off working at GM than the A-League (47:23 min, 44.4 MB)
The FFT boys mull over their Socceroo starting XI and look at the job (in)security of A-League coaches

Episode #11 (26 Jun 2009): Check Your Handgun At The Door, Please (54:42 min, 51.3 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads looks at the pros and cons of South Africa, the Arnie/Lawrie debate and chat to guest Stephanie Brantz about her new TV show

Episode #10 (19 Jun 2009): Whose Keys Will We Get Out Of The Bowl? (47:38 min, 44.7 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads talk post-Japan, World Cup draw and the Real Madrid revolution.

Episode #9 (12 Jun 2009): We're Going to South Africa!! (43:30 min, 40.8 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads discuss the Socceroos making their second consecutive World Cup finals and the chances of Australia hosting the tournament in '18 or '22

Episode #8 (5 Jun 2009): Crunch time in World Cup qualification (45:50 min, 43 MB)
The FourFourTwo team are joined by leading Australian football agent Richard Briggs to discuss life as a footballer's manager and the Socceroos reaching the World Cup

Episode #7 (29 May 2009): Which Aussies Are Hiring The Removalists? (54:29 min, 51.1 MB)
The FourFourTwo lads look at Aussies who could be on the move, chat Champions League Final and mull over all the A-League news of the week

Episode #6 (22 May 2009): End Of Season Awards (51:42 min, 48.5 MB)
Host Colin Turner and the FourFourTwo lads dish out their Premier League Awards, talk Asian Champions League and chat to Football Superstar's Brian McFadden

Episode #5 (15 May 2009): The A-League's Best Signings So Far (50:30 min, 47.4 MB)
Host colin Turner and the FFT lads don full-body prophylactics to probe all the A-League Ins and Outs so far this season

Episode #4 (8 May 2009): Who's The Most Valuable Aussie? (48:21 min, 45.3 MB)
Most valuable Aussie outside the Prem, must-see A-League games of Season 5, Champions League semi's reviewed and a look at the top A-League stories of the week.

Episode #3 (30 April 2009): Are there world class Aussies? (45:47 min, 42.9 MB)
Who are Australia's world class players, Champions League semi's reviewed and a look at the top A-League stories of the week

Episode #2 (23 April 2009): Putting up the Marquee (48:27 min, 45.4 MB)
Host Colin Turner is joined in the broom cupboard by publisher Andy Jackson, website writer Aidan Ormond and blogger Chris Paraskevas to see if the Marquee player is making a comeback in the A-League and what the Socceroos need to do to succeed in South Africa 2010.

Episode #1 (17 April 2009): Our First Effort (50:58 min, 47.8 MB)
A look back at the Socceroos v Uzbekistan, who's looking good in the A-League for next season and Champions League quarters