Learning new tricks

Shifting out of an uncomfortable slouching position and squinting out across the Clem Jones Field, I struggle to find the celebrity…

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The Low Downe: Round 6

The case for another team!… more specifically, a second Melbourne team. This weekend was tough.  I was fidgety, cranky, moody…

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The Low Downe: Round 5

Leading up to this game there was plenty of news about the depletion of the Canberra United A-team through National…

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The Low Downe: Round 3

In my world, a holiday isn’t a holiday without a good long drive so we took off from Noosa to…

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The Low Downe: Round 2

Few people would have put money on the underprepared Melbourne Victory team against last year’s runners up. But no-one told…

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Dan’s W-League Tips: Round 2

After getting royally burned last week, I’m more than a little reluctant to put my money where my mouth is…

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