That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap! We are proud to premiere our women’s football show pilot hosted by former Australian international Sarah Walsh.

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In mocking women’s football, the jokes on you

Okay, I get it. You don’t like women’s football.  You think it’s too slow, less technical, less physical or whatever…

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Women’s Football: coming to a screen near you

Newly in love with women’s football and frustrated at being unable to find information on the W-League or the Matildas,…

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Winning when losing

It’s semi-final eve and I arrive at Brisbane’s QSAC stadium.  As I corner around the entrance gate and amble across…

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My Football Story: Nichole

Football is truly the game for all. On our football journey with TheWomensGame, we meet so many extraordinary and passionate…

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Wandering high

It has been a unique and amazing weekend for Western Sydney Wanderers. Highs and lows, in close proximity to each…

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