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Memories of 2016: Road to Rio

After a year where the Matilda’s became the first Australian national side to make a quarter-finals at the World Cup, the 2016 international season kicked off with a bang.

The Matildas’ kicked off their Olympic qualifying campaign on the leap day against a team everyone thought would qualify without hassle. But as we all know, football is a funny thing and the Matilda’s beat their frenemies Japan in a thrilling 3-1 win.

They continued to excel as they went through the tournament unbeaten to qualify for the Olympics in Rio that was 12 years in the making.

After twelve years were on our way to Rio

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There is something special about qualifying for an Olympic Games. It is the people’s event where everyone comes together every four years to see who is the best.

Well that's a tournament to remember ?

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Every young sportsperson dream to make the Olympics, if you make it there then you are considered one of the best and the Matildas proved that.

Face full of Champagne ?, don't care cause we going to RIO ?

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It was a stunning fortnight and the icing on the cake was finally claiming the mantle as the number one team in Asia.

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