Season 9 Guide

Download your guide to the ninth season of the W-League.

The Guide includes team by team previews by our team reporters, squad lists, fixtures interviews as well from the first seven seasons of the W-League.


Season Fixtures

Our Graphic Designer Michael Alesich has created 9 sensation fixture charts for each team, including YOUR team!

ADL: Download

BNE: Download

CBR: Download

MCY: Download

MVC: Download

NEW: Download

PER: Download

SYD: Download

WSW: Download




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  • Diane (DeeG)

    OK, let’s see if you read the comments – Since you are STILL not charging for this magnificent piece of work, is there at least a place we can send donations if we’d like to show our appreciation?

    • thewomensgame

      Just to demonstrate that we do read the comments :), we will be starting a patreon in the new year for donations. We always appreciate your support greatly Diane!

      • Diane (DeeG)

        Yay! It’s about time. Good work is it’s own reward, but a little $ to keep things moving never hurts 😉