Danielle Warby chats to Two Up Front about TWGTV

warby-2upfrontTWGTV producer Danielle Warby caught up with the passionate team at Two Up Front to speak to them about our proposed W-League webseries and the challenges facing women’s football in obtaining media coverage.

Danielle and co-hosts Joe and Nige got into an animated discussion about fan engagement, fan ownership of women’s football and the footballers she admires including our pilot host Sarah Walsh!



Captain Ellie Brush with the coveted trophy | TWG

Championship jerseys! Canberra United players Ellie Brush, Caitlin Munoz and Grace Gill have kindly donated signed jersey’s from their 2011/12 W-League Championship match.

Get your little slice of history and us provide increased coverage of those special moments this W-League season:



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