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The Check In: Touching Down in Frankfurt

Tameka scored on debut for FFC Frankfurt | (Credit:
Tameka scored on debut for FFC Frankfurt | (Credit:

‘Fresh’ off a plane from Brisbane, reaching my hotel at 5am it felt like only minutes before I had my boots on and was warming up with my new teammates that afternoon.

Now 7 weeks later I’m looking back and am a little amazed and shocked at how far I have come and the amazing experiences I’ve had here in such a short time.

I feel like I’ve stepped into a real career being here and playing with Frankfurt.  I’m glad I didn’t have too much time to think about what I was getting myself into before I got here because I would have overwhelmed myself with the countless number of national team players in the squad and also maybe the fact I can’t speak German!

Final instructions before making her first appearance | (Credit:
Final instructions before making her first appearance | (Credit:

A major challenge of making the move and settling in here has been the full on professionalism of the league.

It took a few weeks for my body to adapt to 8-9 sessions a week and the major climate change. Never thought I’d be training on a field of snow like it was normal but I guess every day is a great day for football.  I’m really enjoying the experience even if I can’t feel my feet or face.

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I now have my own little apartment here in Frankfurt and am enjoying the transportation I have in the form of a BMW. Couldn’t really ask for anything more, except maybe some sunshine.

I’m also a few weeks into my German classes that I attend three nights a week. Let’s just say the German grammar is interestingly difficult!

I consider myself extremely lucky to be training and playing in this highly competitive environment and can’t wait for the Australian W-League to reach this standard.



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